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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Concealed Carry Jacket

by Deniz Ellard

A concealed carry jacket is a specific piece of clothing that helps you comfortably conceal a firearm while still being able to access it easily. A quality concealed carry jacket should be sized correctly to allow you to draw your weapon without the fabric getting in your way or creating an uncomfortable printing effect.


When shopping for a concealed carry jacket, you want one durable enough to withstand everyday wear and tear. This is especially important if you use your jacket for law enforcement or tactical scenarios. A concealment jacket should also be able to accommodate other gear in its secure pockets, such as a compass or emergency radio.

In terms of concealment, the jacket should be able to support your firearm and accommodate backup magazines without imprinting or becoming too bulky. In addition, the coat should be able to be easily opened to access your gun quickly. This means that the zippers must be large enough to grasp and spread quickly, and the hem length shouldn’t make it challenging to pull the jacket over your weapon.


While it might sound obvious, your jacket’s style directly impacts how concealed carry is accomplished. You want a coat that fits well and looks great without making it obvious you’re carrying.

For this reason, it’s best to avoid jackets that look super tactical and use a lot of gun-specific details, such as blocking fabric or integrated holsters. Instead, opt for a jacket that looks like your favorite zippered hoodie or pea coat but offers you the option of carrying a firearm.

You also want to ensure the jacket is appropriately sized to support your weapon without sagging or pinching. The holster pockets should be large enough to accommodate your gun and extra mags without compromising comfort or functionality. Also, they should be positioned to facilitate easy access no matter your preferred draw side.


The ideal concealed carry jacket should be stylish enough to wear daily and withstand the elements. It should have interior pockets for carrying a firearm and extra magazines. Moreover, it should have additional pockets for staples like cell phones and wallets. In addition, it should be machine washable and durable.

This tactical jacket is ideal for law enforcement, military, and security guards. It has ambidextrous pocket holsters and can hide most weapons of any caliber. It’s comfortable to wear and resists the elements, especially wind and rain. Its stowaway hood will protect the head in the event of an emergency. However, its questionable zipper location can allow moisture to enter the pockets. This could be problematic during survival situations. It may also cause a weapon to print or snag in certain positions.


When buying a concealed carry jacket, you must be sure it will do everything a regular jacket does and accommodate your firearm and extra magazines. This means you want it to keep you warm and dry, have well-designed interior gun pockets that are ambidextrous, and have enough other pockets for things like your cell phone, keys, pocket knife, and other essentials.

Some concealment jackets look more like a shirt than a coat and still have room for your weapon and plenty of magazine storage. It’s also made from breathable fabric so that you won’t overheat in the hot weather. It’s an ideal jacket for outdoor activities or travel.

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