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The reasons to do a facial massage

by sabitri_barik

Facial massage is a form of treatment that can be done with the aid of practioner or at your own end. The technique involves stimulating and pressurizing the pressure joints on the face, neck and the shoulders. Facial massage spa in Indiranagar, relies on the use of oil, balms and a facial roller. Not only it relaxes your facial muscles but it brightens up your skin. In addition it has a rejuvenating impact that will make you feel relaxed and looks better. Let us understand some of the benefits associated with a facial massage.

Wrinkles and anti- ageing

A major benefit of a facial massage is to enhance the overall feel of your skin. Research studied in details about the benefits of a facial massage and participants were ask to use an anti- ageing cream and device on their face or neck for 8 weeks. There were improvements that was visible in their face, texture and wrinkles. When you compare it with untreated skin  modules the expansion rates tends to be on the higher side.


If you stimulate the skin through massage, it may promote blood circulation and reduce the appearance of acne. Specific research is centre around the fact that facial massage lead to acne reduction. Wellness & Spa in Indira Nagar clinics are known to offer quality facial massages. Some people go on to do olive oil massage on their faces. The results may vary but if you are interest in trying then better to try out in a small area before you massage the entire area. It is suggest that you should not be harsh in your approach and avoid any form of harsh chemicals or exfoliates, more so when it is the sensitive areas.

Glowing skin

Facial massage may be the tip of the iceberg if you are looking for glowing skin. Research indicate that the women who went on to have a facial massage report that they feel fresh and were rejuvenate. Some women did report supple skin whereas a lot of them achieved skin tightening.

Facial rejuvenation

Facial massages helps to relieve tension whereby they enhance relaxation and skin health. By a facial massage device. It goes on to enhance muscle thickness, along with cross section device in women who went on to use the device for 30 seconds. Best results are expect. If they use the device for 30 seconds and twice in a week for 8 hours.

Facial back rub is a type of treatment that should be possible with the guide of practioner or at your own end.

Manages the scar tissue

If you happen to have a facial scar that is nearing the healing process, a massage can be really beneficial. So, It manages the scar tissues along with the surrounding areas and helps to increase the blood flow. Would loosen up the nearby tissues and leads to flattened bumps. Facial message is also know to alleviate symptoms like tenderness, pain or any degree of itchiness. Once again research indicates that facial massage is of considerable help to reduce any form of pain along with itchy skin when enhancing the appearance of the skin.

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