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The Key SEO Ranking Factors You Need to Know in 2022

The Key SEO Ranking Factors You Need to Know in 2022

by khums09

Every single website owner looks forward to having their website appear on Google’s first page of search results. And every marketer is interested in learning about the various SEO ranking elements that might elevate his website above the competition.

Therefore, today we will examine all of the Google algorithms that can influence a website’s SERP rating and elevate your website.

So then how does Google’s ranking system operate? The search engine’s algorithm probably takes into account hundreds of variables, but some are more important than others. We have compiled a list of some that will be useful. The most important Google ranking variables for 2022 are listed below.

Essential SEO Ranking Factors

Proposed Domains

You may have noticed that every website’s domain begins with either HTTP or HTTPS. This now demonstrates whether your website is operating on a secured or unsecured server.

The terms HTTP and HTTPS stand for hypertext transfer protocol and secure, respectively. The last “S” stands for the security component. Any domain host can provide HTTP for free, however, HTTPS requires a fee and an annual subscription.

Since this year, Google has consistently advised using HTTPS rather than HTTP when choosing how to rank a website.


Despite being an older factor, keyword optimization still has a significant impact on page rankings. There are numerous types of keywords, including long-tailed, broad match, exact match, and phrase match. These words are employed by the business and the content.

The Google crawler regularly checks to see if these keywords match the material on your website or not, keeping an eye on it. You can incorporate keywords into your graphics, movies, and photographs.

Website Architecture

Your website’s architecture should be simple enough for Google to grasp. It makes no difference if you are developing a new website or redesigning an old one. According to the viewpoint of the viewer, the content on each page should be sorted and sub-categorized.

There should be explicit string texts associated with each URL. To make it clear to readers, all categories and subcategories should be contained in URLs and separated by hyphens or slashes.

Mobile Friendly Website

In 2019, your website may not receive the volume of traffic it is capable of receiving if you continue to use an outdated website design that only supports desktops and suits only desktop screens.

Ensure that your website looks the same on desktops and mobile devices. Both the desktop and mobile screens should display your content’s size and fonts correctly. In mobile platforms, elements like “call to action” buttons that are placed in a specified spot shouldn’t be placed differently.

Loading Speed

A usual website uploads its content completely in 3–4 seconds, therefore if it takes more than 5 seconds to load, there is undoubtedly a problem.

The rating of a website is greatly influenced by how quickly it loads. Readers don’t have the patience to wait 10 seconds to see your content; if it loads slower than the competing website, they will inevitably switch, diminishing traffic.


Hyperlinks, also known as backlinks, are links that direct you to another location from a completely unrelated location. This promotes visitor and Google site trust. It is now a legitimate question to ask “why it is so crucial for Google ranking?”

It demonstrates that the viewers may trust the authentic content on your website. Online marketers have recently begun to purchase these connections, but this is a black hat tactic, and if Google discovers it, it will penalize the website by permanently banning it.


No matter how many links you add, if your website’s content is irrelevant, the user experience is confusing, or the call to action buttons are not placed correctly, Google won’t be able to interpret it and it won’t appear in SERP.

The secret is to employ good syntax, headings, sub-headings, bold letters to indicate some crucial texts, font size, and font face depending on the reader’s perspective.


The abovementioned factors are crucial ranking elements in SEO that you cannot avoid. From the perspective of SEO, every component is equally important. These elements not only help to raise your website’s rating but also help to lower bounce rates and boost traffic.

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