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The Incredible Journey of Two Titan Submersible Passengers

The Incredible Journey of Two Titan Submersible Passengers

by Fadich

The Incredible Journey of Two Titan Submersible Passengers

Shahzada Dawood and his son Suleman, who are prominent science philanthropists in Pakistan, boarded the Titan submersible as passengers. They were actively involved in the journey. Unfortunately, they died when the submersible imploded. Shahzada Dawood and his son Suleman belonged to a family that significantly funds science and education.


We will discuss the Incredible journey of two Titan Submersible passengers in this article. What happened to the passengers on this Titan journey? We are trying to find out more about when this accident happened. If you want to know more about this titan, stay connected with us.


The United States Coast Guard believes that the Titan. a submarine owned.

OceanGate Expeditions, a private company, operated the underwater vehicle. It collapsed underwater one hour and 45 minutes after descending into the deep sea on June 18. Two well-known philanthropic funders of science in Pakistan died in the accident. The Titan submersible was on its way to explore the wreckage of the Titanic in the North Atlantic. Yet, it imploded during the journey.

The Incredible Journey of Two Titan Submersible Passengers of Shahzada Dawood and His Son Suleman

The Incredible Journey of Two Titan Submersible Passengers of Shahzada Dawood and His Son Suleman

When and where did the Titan go missing?


On Sunday morning, the craft submerged underwater. About an hour and 45 minutes later, the Coast Guard lost contact with its support vessel. Canada’s Joint Rescue Coordination Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia reported that the vessel had not arrived on time. They said the vessel was overdue. The location of the vessel was approximately 435 miles (700 kilometers) south of St.


John’s, Newfoundland.OceanGate hired an icebreaker. The Canadian Coast Guard used it to operate and launch the Titan. The icebreaker has taken many people and the submersible craft to the wreck site in the North Atlantic. The Titan has made multiple dives there.


What happened aboard the Titan in Titanic

Ship collapsed suddenly and caused the death of all five people on board. This happened sometime after it went underwater on Sunday morning. A U.S. Navy sound system detected an unusual event on Sunday. The collapse of the ship is believed to have been caused by an event, but the exact time and location of the collapse are not known.


On Thursday, the Coast Guard announced that they discovered debris from the submarine. They also determined that rescue operations have ended. The story ended sadly. It involved a continuous search and people around the world were watching for the missing vessel. A deep-sea robot found the debris near the Titanic shipwreck. Authorities say the debris came from the submersible.


Pakistani businessman and his son in Titan


Shahzada Dawood, a British businessman, belonged to one of Pakistan’s wealthiest families. He was traveling on the submarine with his son Suleman, who is a student. Mr. Dawood lived in Surbiton, which is located in southwest London. He lived there with his wife Christine and their child Alina. Before the dive, the family spent a month in Canada. Shahzada was the vice-chairman of Engro Corporation. Engro Corporation is a major Pakistani conglomerate that operates in the fertilizer industry.

He collaborated with his family’s Dawood Foundation. He also worked with the SETI Institute, a research organization based in California that explores the existence of alien life. Shahzada also backed two charities: the British Asian Trust and the Prince’s Trust International. These charities were founded by King Charles III.

Where is Shahzada Dawood from?

Rawalpindi, Pakistan is the birthplace of Mr. Dawood. He was born on Feb. 12, 1975. Mr. Dawood pursued his undergraduate studies in law at Buckingham University in Britain. He later earned a master’s degree in global textile marketing from Philadelphia University. Philadelphia University is now part of Thomas Jefferson University.

 Shahzada Dawood, a wealthy executive, passed away with his son, Suleman, two days ago. Will Straw, the chief executive officer of Prince’s Trust International, felt deeply saddened by the terrible news. He expressed his sadness openly.


What Happened to Shahzada Dawood?


Incredible Journey of Two Titan Submersible Passengers. Pakistani billionaire Shahzada Dawood and his son Suleman Dawood boarded the Titanic submarine. Unfortunately, the submarine disappeared on 18 June 2023. They were exploring the wreckage of the Titanic in the North Atlantic Ocean at that time. Shahzada and Suleman were apparently inside a small underwater vehicle. The vehicle was taking tourists who paid to see the wreck deep underwater, about 12,500 feet down.

Unfortunately, they lost communication in the Atlantic Ocean. They were about 640 kilometers away from the coast of Newfoundland, Canada. The world is shocked and cannot believe this news. The tourist vessel, which OceanGate Expeditions operated, started going down on Sunday but lost contact after two

Shahzada Dawood family:

Father and son who died in the Titan submersible have a family. The family expresses deep love and respect for their departed loved ones. The family expressed their deep sadness in a statement on Friday. Additionally honored Shahzada Dawood, 48, and his child, Suleman, 19.

They said they are grieving the tragic loss. They spoke highly of the strong connection between the father and son. Pakistani-British businessman Shahzada and university student Suleman had a wonderful relationship.

They supported each other. They shared a strong passion for adventure and exploring everything the world had to offer. The father and son left Christine (wife and mother) and Alina (daughter and sister) behind. They painted a tribute that showed a family who loved each other, cooked together, and had deep conversations about life.



Who is Shahzada :Dawood ‘s wife?

Shahzada married Christine Dawood, who works as a coach and psychologist.


How many children did Dawood have?

He has three daughters named Marukh, Mehrin, and Maziya. Marukh is married to Junaid, who is the son of Javed Miandad. Mehrin is also married. Maziya is currently unmarried. Additionally, he has a son named Mohin Nawaz, who is married.

What did Shahzada Dawood do for a living?

Dawood was the vice-chairman of the Engro Corporation and served as a director of the Dawood Hercules Corporation.


The tragic incident involving the Titan submersible has brought immense sorrow and shock to the world. Shahzada Dawood and his son Suleman embarked on an incredible journey aboard the Titan Submersible. Their expedition took a heartbreaking turn. The Submersible imploded while exploring the Titanic wreckage in North Atlantic. Shahzada Dawood was a prominent Pakistani businessman and philanthropist. He was known for his significant contributions to science and education.

On June 18, the Titan submersible descended into the deep sea. Unfortunately, it collapsed underwater one hour and 45 minutes later. The United States Coast Guard confirmed the loss of contact with the support vessel. The Canadian Coast Guard initiated a search operation when the Titan went missing. Tragically, the debris from the submersible was discovered near the Titanic shipwreck. It signaled the devastating fate of all five individuals on board.


Shahzada Dawood, hailing from Rawalpindi, Pakistan, was a highly respected figure in his community. He is the vice-chairman of Engro Corporation. Additionally, he actively supports scientific endeavors. He is involved with organizations such as the Dawood Foundation and the SETI Institute. Shahzada’s son, Suleman, was a young student. Their shared passion for adventure brought them on this ill-fated expedition. May their souls rest in peace. May their stories inspire others to continue their pursuit of knowledge and exploration in their honor.

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