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The Girl In The Basement[Elisabeth Fritzl]: Now Where Is She? And How She Got Freedom

by Brijbhansingh123

The Girl in the Basement: Basement The Fritzl incident came into the spotlight in 2008 when a woman named Elisabeth Fritzl told Austrian police officials that she was kept for 24 years in prison by her dad, Josef Fritzl. Josef was known to physically assault and harass her sexually and raped her numerous times while she was inside a secluded space in the BasementBasement of their home.

The film was made in conjunction with Lifetime’s Ripped From the Headlines collection. The film was written and directed by edited by Elisabeth Rohm. Rohm is best known for her work as an actress in Angel on Angel as Kate Lockley and Law & Order as Serena Southerlyn.

The film is hard to watch. Rohm told The Wrap that Lifetime had breached all limits and had told a story that called to take action against the issue of abuse on a massive scale.

What is the best way to let UK viewers watch the film? Continue reading to find out how to stream The Girl in the Basement in the UK.

24 Years Of Life In The Basement

Elisabeth endured hell throughout the next 24 years because the terror unleashed on her was never-ending. There were times when she was required to capture rats using the soles of her hands. Summer was the most challenging season for her due to the unbearable sweat she later narrated when she wrote her memoirs.

For the people around the world, things were going by, while Elisabeth’s was sluggish and indifferent. At first, her father bound her to the bed by an iron chain so she could not move half a meter to the other end of her bed. Then, he gave her more mobility by tying the chain to her waist.

The chain was causing problems in sexual activities; he took it off after a couple of months. Josef had a sexual assault and raped her several times per day for a long time before her freedom in the spring of 2008. Josef raped her over 3000 times throughout 25 years, resulting in seven infants. Elisabeth’s kids witnessed the abuse she endured as they got older.

Three of her children were in her BasementBasement. The other three children were seen apprehensively at the front door of Josef Fritzl and his wife, Rosemarie, as per his plans.

Deal With The Girl In The Basement?

The official synopsis of the film reads: “Inspired By Actual Events, Girl in the Basement is an account of Sara (Stefanie Scott), who is a girl who wants to go to Don (Judd Nelson) and celebrate her 18th birthday.

The File Based On Real Incident: The Girl In The Basement

The movie is based on actual events but uses names and places that are not precisely accurate.

Sara is an Austrian girl who is the character Elisabeth Fritzl in the film. Josef’s father kept Sara within the BasementBasement at her family’s home. She was housed in the BasementBasement for more than 24 years. The woman was regularly raped and assaulted she gave birth to seven children.

Her case was finally cleared, and she was released in 2008. Josef Fritzl, accused of manslaughter due to an erroneous grandson and false prison, incest, and sexual assault on Elisabeth and Elisabeth, pleaded guilty to the charges of 2009. The judge sentenced him to life in prison.

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Film Star The Girl In The Basement

The film features Judd Nelson, from The Breakfast Club, as Don. Stefanie Sara plays the role of Sara plays by Stefanie (Insidious Chapter 3)

Joely Fisher and Emma Myers are the remaining cast members. Braxton Bjerken, Jake Nuttall, Emily Topper, Braxton Bjerken, and Braxton Bjerken complete the cast.

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Prosecutor’s Investigation

As a result of the agreement she would never visit her father in the future, Elisabeth Fritzl gave videotaped testimony in front of Austrian investigators and prosecutors on July 11, 2008 

On November 13, 2008, the authorities in Austria released an indictment of Josef Fritzl. He was tried on charges of the murder of infant Michael who passed away just after his birth. Josef Fritzl faced between 10 years and life in prison. He was also accused of kidnapping, rape, incest, false imprisonment, and slavery, with up to 20 years in prison.

Josef Fritzl was born on April 9, 1935, in Amstetten, Lower Austria. In 1956, aged 21, he married 17-year-old Rosemarie (born on September 23, 1939) who he had four sons and three daughters, and one daughter, Elisabeth, whom he had on April 6, 1966. Fritzl was reported to have started sexually abusing Elisabeth at the age of 11 while she was just 11 years old.

After completing compulsory school at 15, Elisabeth began a training program to become a waitress. In January 1983, she left her home and hid in Vienna with a working fellow employee. The police found her within three weeks, and were brought back to her parents in Amstetten. She enrolled in a server training course and completed it by mid-1984, and was later offered an opportunity in the city of Linz.

How She Got Finally Free?

The Girl In The Basement: On April 26, 2008, at the time Elisabeth, aged 42, Elisabeth finally received the freedom she wanted. Her daughter, 19 years old, Kerstin, became extremely sick. Due to the devastation, Josef made the uncharacteristically thoughtful decision of driving Kerstin into the hospital. Soon after, Elisabeth and her two boys visited Kerstin’s doctor on the news, asking her mother to provide information to have a chance of getting her back to health.

Elisabeth(The Girl In The Basement) asked her father to allow her to go and join Kerstin’s house. Josef had been searching for a way out of the harrowing situation he’d created. He was getting tired and worn out from his own grueling double life. Josef agreed that he would let Elisabeth go. When she got to the hospital informed the police that she’d tell them all the details if they decided they would keep her dad from her.

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Where Is Elisabeth Fritzl Now?

The Girl In The Basement: Although Elisabeth has reached her 50s, her most recent photograph was taken when she was just 16 years old. Police have been too extreme measures to hide the identity of Elisabeth from the world in the hope of giving her the most normal life after the horrors she experienced. Elisabeth has been given an entirely new name after her release, and it is believed that she lives within an Austrian village known as “Village X” to hide its location.

Elisabeth has two children who range in age between 19 and 33. Their children, now adults, have been through therapy to help them deal with their many emotional experiences. Yet, they still have their bedrooms constantly left open.

Security guards constantly patrol the two-story house, and the property is under constant CCTV surveillance. While there aren’t many details regarding her post-prison life, in 2019, reports stated that Elisabeth and her guard “found the love of their lives.”

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