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The Complete Dubai Tour travel guide

by JohnhAry321

Check out the Dubai tour blog that includes the complete Dubai guide to travel, including the best way to visit there, when is the best time to go, the best places to stay, top places to go and most popular activities to check the solution!

it is not surprising that Dubai is always among the most luxurious nations around the globe for visitors of all kinds. The place and it’s also an Emirate leaves everybody “overwhelmed” because it’s the fusion of the most amazing human-made masterpieces in the world and the huge shopping malls, and the most expensive and amazing items and even there are gold ATMs all over the place.

With all these attractions visiting Dubai is a dream of every visitor. Don’t think that Dubai is just reserved for the wealthy You just need to make an extremely detailed plan and budget before you can step foot into this affluent city. What do you need to know and what can you do to create a budget-friendly trip to Dubai tour for the first time?


Dubai Emirate of Dubai is one of seven United Arab Emirates (UAE) however it has the highest number of residents of almost 3 million and the second-largest area of 4,114 sq km. Dubai is a very active and always innovating the country, developing standards that render it one of the most extravagant and modern.

Dubai is now an international city, and is growing quickly to become a major city and the major business and cultural capital for The Middle East and the Persian Gulf region. Tourists are becoming increasingly impressed by the luxuriousness and the fame of Dubai and want to go there at least once.

When you go to Dubai tour, where you can admire the highest-rises in the world as well as the most extravagant and expensive hotels, costly and magnificent eating establishments, bustling malls huge markets, beautiful beachfronts…

The Best Date to Visit Dubai:

Dubai is a desert climate kind, which means it’s extremely dry and hot. It is very hot in summer with high humidity, windy and dry. The typical daytime temperature is around 41 ° Celsius and decreases to around 30° Celsius in the evening. It is generally clear and bright. However, winter is extremely cool temperatures. It can even be slightly cold, with an average temp of around 24° Celsius and drops to around 14 degrees Celsius in the evening. But the duration of winter time in Dubai is quite shorter. Dubai is hot in August and the coldest in January.

From May to Oct. The month of May to October is season of summer in Dubai because the majority of of the city being desert, and it is extremely hot.

From November to April. It’s winter time and is also the ideal time to visit Dubai. This time of year the weather is nice with cool, crisp air and the skies are clear. This is ideal to visit the city, take cruise tours , or having fun in amusement parks.

It is possible to visit Dubai anytime of the year, however the best time to visit is between November and April next year. It is best to avoid visiting during the summer months between June and August because temperatures in summer can be as high as 40 degrees Celsius at times, and can even exceed 50 degrees Celsius extreme heat and exhausting. Also, it is recommended to stay clear of the Ramadan month as it is not a great time for tourist activities and excursions.

How to Get There Dubai:

Dubai is among the most important transit destinations around the globe via air. Based on the location you’ll depart from, you may decide to fly with airlines like Emirates, Cathay Pacific, Singapore, United, America and numerous others to Dubai. If you’re an upcoming visitor to Explore Dubai I would suggest hiring a top travel agent and arrange one of your favorite Dubai Tour Packages and Explore the natural beauty and the history of Dubai.

Moving around Dubai


To save money on travel Many tourists prefer travel via bus. The cost is determined by each route, approximately USD 1.5 per person. The bus is well-equipped and modern. The bus routes are connected to all of the main places of interest and tourist destinations of the city, which makes them a great option for tourists. It is important to note that when traveling via subway, bus and other public transportation, men and women cannot sit together , they must instead sit in separate places. The bus trips run every 15-20 minutes, excluding Fridays, when the frequency is somewhat lower.

You could also opt for an Hop-on Hop off sightseeing bus tour for 24 (48, 72 or 24 hours) like Big Bus or City Sightseeing Bus that will guide you to all most popular attractions and guide for the must-see places like Dubai museum and the souks of old, Burj Khalifa, Mall of the Emirates, Jumeirah Mosque and many more.

Water bus

It is a cost-effective and most popular way to travel between Bur Dubai Deira and reverse. Water bus fares range from 1 to 4 AED ($0.3 USD 1.09) dependent on the your route.


This is among the most frequently utilized and efficient public transport options in Dubai. It is the only one in operation for the longest fully automated subway system around the globe, which has the two main routes (Red and Green). Train rides cost from to USD 0.5 up to 1.75 depending of the train route and the type of seat you pick.


Taxis are among the most sought-after method of transport in Dubai You can spot hundreds of taxis lined up on the streets , waiting to take passengers to any place within the city. Taxis within Dubai is also distinctive and is split into various categories. Like Taxi Vip, female taxi (female driver and only female passengers) Airport taxi and regular taxi.

To save money on travel expenses, you can utilize two popular cards that offer convenience for travel. One called the Red Nol Card for only one mode of transportation. Another one is Silver Nol Card for many ways to travel. The cost of each trip is around three AED ($0.82). These cards can be used on the public transport systems, including trams, buses, metro and ferry.

Rent a car

Due to the scorching temperatures getting around is not an easy task. Therefore, if you have the option of renting cars, it can help you save than time and energy. If you’ve got a huge budget and would like to attempt to become a billionaire in the desert. You can lease the luxury of a Ferrari as well as a Lamboghini supercar. However, using this option, you must have licensed drivers from all over the world and knowing the traffic laws of Dubai. If you are not able to meet these criteria then it’s not advisable to go with this option. It is much more practical to hire taxi.

How long must I spend in Dubai?

Many travelers wonder how long they need to go to Dubai will suffice? Actually, the answer will depend on the specific needs and travel style and preference of every individual. There are those who just want for a visit. 3  5 days could be sufficient to make a short visit. On this trip you can go to the most well-known sights and enjoy delicious meals.

There are people who visit Dubai to shop. They may stay for weeks so that they can visit the numerous malls mentioned above including Dubai Mall.

Some come for relaxation and relax. They can easily take two weeks having fun in amusement parks. Visit aquariums, join adventures, shopping, or a simply relaxing on the beach. A lot of people visit and return, as they realize that Dubai offers plenty of fascinating things to see.

If you’re contemplating a trip to Dubai I suggest you visit Dubai at least once a week. Allow yourself time to truly experience the beauty of Dubai and relax.

Important things to consider prior to taking an Dubai Trip tour

  • Do not display affection in public spaces as an Muslim place, Dubai has strict regulations for being affectionate. This means that you shouldn’t touch or hug your loved one in public. A lot of tourists face punishment for things such as touching or kissing in public.
  • Do not stare at women. Don’t snap photos of people around you: These are considered to be rude in this Muslim Emirate.
  • Men and women should sit apart. They are not allowed to be seated together on trains or any other public transport.
  • Avoid eating pork, particularly in the presence of the locals: Consuming pork is strictly prohibited in Islam.
  • When it is Ramadan month, you should not take food and drink in public areas or in front of locals.
  • It is illegal to drink alcohol in the Emirates of Dubai.
  • Alcohol is illegal, however you can purchase it in duty-free stores at airports. If you’re traveling as a tourist then you will not be able buy alcohol in stores and supermarkets. If you are drunk in public, you will be subject to the same penalties as when you are drunk driving.
  • In mosques, dress in a respectful manner. Be courteous and not wear short skirts, especially for women. briefs and slacks. Both men and women must wear head scarves, remain quiet and take your shoes off outside.

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