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The best way to do Ardha Chakrasana yoga, its benefits, and precautions

by Shrishti khairwal

Maharishi Patanjali composed the great Indian treatise ‘Yoga Sutra’. Maharishi Patanjali has told about all the asanas in the Yoga Sutras. All of them appear to be inspired by some or the other object or creature found in nature. The importance of the wheel is as much as it is today, as it was in ancient times as well, Yoga scientists have created ‘Chakrasana’ keeping the wheel in mind. Chakrasana is also known as Urdhva Dhanurasana. There are many benefits of its practice. But yoga scientists have also created variations of yogasanas in the middle of Chakrasana. Ardha Chakrasana is the yoga posture with these variations. It is also called Ardha Urdhva Dhanurasana. This asana helps in bringing not only the body but also the mind on the right path. That’s why in this article we will tell you what is Ardha Chakrasana. Through Yoga in Bali, you can learn yoga and get complete information about yoga. Will give information about the benefits of Ardha Chakrasana, the right way to do it, the method, and the precautions.


What is Ardha Chakrasana?

Ardha Chakrasana is a very important posture of hatha yoga. In this Yogasana, the body comes in the shape of half of the wheel. This is the condition that a half-made wheel has at the time of its manufacture. Ardha Chakrasana is mainly considered the posture of hatha yoga. This asana is designed for easy or basic-level yogis. This asana is considered to be a variation of Chakrasana. Ardha Chakrasana is a Sanskrit language word. This word is mainly made by combining 3 words. The first word Ardha means half. The second word Chakra means wheel. While the third word Asana means posture, position, or posture of sitting, lying, or standing in a particular situation. Ardha Chakrasana is also called Half Wheel Pose in the vip escort English language. It is recommended to practice Ardha Chakrasana for 1 to 5 minutes. Its practice can be repeated once.


With the continuous practice of Ardha Chakrasana,

  • Arms And Shoulders
  • Lower Back
  • Upper Back
  • Chest
  • Neck

etc. are strong and they also get an excellent stretch.


Benefits of doing Ardha Chakrasana:

  • A good stretch for the lungs and chest is Half Wheel Pose.
  • This asana also expands the shoulders and chest.
  • Ardha Chakrasana gives strength to the legs, abdomen, buttocks, spine, shoulder blades, and glutes.
  • This asana provides strength to the hamstrings, lower back, wrists, and arms.
  • This asana stimulates the pituitary and thyroid glands.
  • Regular practice stretches the hip flexors, core, and wrist flexors.
  • This asana is known to provide relief from lower back pain.
  • This asana cures asthma and osteoporosis.
  • It also relieves stress and reduces depression.
  • This asana makes you feel energetic and full of life.


The right way to do Ardha Chakrasana:

  • Gradually increase the practice to Half Wheel Pose.
  • Do not practice this asana if you are uncomfortable.
  • Never put pressure on the shoulders or knees.
  • Note that you have warmed up and your core muscles are active.
  • If you feel discomfort or pain, do not put any pressure on yourself. Don’t put any pressure on yourself if you feel discomfort or pain.
  • Gradually stop the practice of the asana and rest.
  • Practice the asanas for the first time under the supervision of a qualified yoga teacher.


Method of doing Ardha Chakrasana:

  • Stand in Pranamasana on the yoga mat.
  • Keep the legs straight and the hands will be along the body.
  • Balance your weight equally on both feet.
  • While inhaling, raise your hands upwards.
  • Palms should be in front of each other.
  • Exhaling, gently bend the pelvis forward.
  • Hold your hands in line with your ears, elbows, and knees while leaning back.
  • Raise the head and chest upwards.
  • Keep breathing and exhaling by staying in this posture.
  • Inhaling, come back.
  • Breathe out, bring your hands down and relax.


Important Notes:

  • Half Wheel Pose should be practiced only in the morning.
  • Have your meal at least 4 to 6 hours prior to doing asanas in the evening.
  • You must have defecated before doing the asana and the stomach should be completely empty.



Avoid practicing Half Wheel Pose if you have the following problems.


  • If you have back pain, avoid this asana.
  • This posture should not be done even in case of serious illness.
  • Do not do this asana if you have diarrhea and asthma.
  • If you have neck pain, you should not perform Ardha Chakrasana.
  • Do not raise your hand when you have shoulder pain.
  • Practice only with a wall if you have knee pain or arthritis.
  • Patients with heart disease or high blood pressure should avoid this asana.
  • In the beginning, do Ardha Chakrasana only under the supervision of a yoga trainer.
  • You can also do this asana on your own after becoming balanced.
  • Before practicing Ardha Chakrasana, take the doctor’s advice.



Ardha Chakrasana is a very good posture of yoga science, a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Ardha Chakrasana not only activates the metabolism but also helps in keeping your mind stable, maintaining balance is the most important thing in today’s world. This asana helps in developing this quality related to making balance in your body. To practice Ardha Chakrasana, your legs and quadriceps should be strong enough to bear the weight of the whole body. First of all, you have to overcome the fear in your mind that you might fall into while practicing. Even if you fall, take a deep breath, praise yourself for trying, and try again. To do this asana in the initial phase, do take guidance from a qualified yoga teacher.

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