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The Benefits of a Cerner EMR Application

by ryan020001

Consider these features when weighing the benefits of Cerner EMR applications. These include OnBase integration and Patient portals. We will also talk about HIPAA compliance and costs. We will also discuss the benefits of NETSCOUT solutions as well as integration with Cerner’s EHR. For more information, continue reading! Integrating NETSCOUT solutions makes the Cerner EMR app easier to use.

Patient portals

Patients can communicate online with their doctors and nurses via patient portals. This can help save time for office staff. Online forms can be used for general health assessments and satisfaction surveys. It is crucial to make these patient portals user-friendly. Before you implement this technology in your practice, there are three things that you need to consider. These are some tips to make sure your patients love the portal.
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You should first realize that not all patients feel comfortable using online portals. Patients might not have a good understanding or knowledge of their condition. Sometimes, it may be necessary to explain to them the process. They may not be comfortable sharing results from diagnostic tests. Some patients may not find patient portals helpful. These patients might not be able to access regular medical care in a nearby hospital. These patients may not be able to access the most popular features of patient portals.

Integration with OnBase

The integration of OnBase and Cerner EMR is a great way to simplify workflows. Staff can have instant access to unstructured content, and collaborate within the EMR. OnBase and Cerner PowerChart integrate with Cerner EMR to improve every aspect of an organization’s operations. OnBase integrates Cerner EMR and HL7 to provide seamless experiences for clinicians and users.

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RCMS has years of OnBase integration and support experience. They provide OnBase support and integration services, including hosted and on-site installations. These capabilities are crucial for Cerner integration success. Cerner allows your employees to easily access patient records. OnBase allows them to access their own records. Learn more about Cerner integration into OnBase.

OnBase can be downloaded from the OnBase site. It also comes with an API that allows integration with Epic EMR. OnBase integration allows you to access patient records and data directly from Epic screens. It is simple and quick to integrate. It doesn’t require you to be able to code. You just need to log in with your password to get started.

HIPAA compliance

Healthcare providers must take security measures to ensure Cerner EMR compliance to HIPAA. They can use anti-malware protection tools and data loss prevention tools to protect their files. They should hold a weekly meeting with all staff responsible for HIPAA compliance. A BAA is a written agreement that covers how a covered entity can protect PHI. It is between a covered entity (or business associate) and the other.

Cerner also conducts internal and external audits annually to validate its security program. Cerner adheres to HIPAA Security Rule (HITECH) regulations. The company also regularly conducts security assessments in order to maintain a secure environment. Cerner also conducts security assessments that evaluate the Cerner Platform’s effectiveness and HITECH controls. These audits assess the corporate environment where the Cerner Platform is used, and the security controls that are in place.


Recently, the Department of Veterans Affairs hired an independent contractor to examine Cerner’s estimated $16 billion cost for EHR rollout. This will enable them to make a more precise cost estimate. Initial estimates of the project costing $10 billion were made by Cerner, but they have since revised this number to include IT modernization and infrastructure costs. It is expected that the project will take at least a decade. A recent OIG audit revealed that costs could be higher than expected.

2013 was the University of Illinois Health’s request for proposals (RFP), for a new system for health records. Both companies submitted bids totaling $60.5 million and $62 million, respectively. Cerner was awarded a $10 billion contract by the Department of Veterans Affairs in March of the same year. This contract grew to $16 billion over the next months. Both companies offer similar software solutions that can be seamlessly integrated across multiple facilities. Epic EMR and Cerner offers revenue cycle management and other benefits.

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