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Tea Tree Oil for Acne: Benefits and Important Safety Tips

Tea Tree Oil for Acne

by rossdosan

An essential oil, tea tree oil for acne scars has several beneficial effects on the skin. This method can be used as an alternative to conventional medical care.

Thus, benefits of tea tree oil for acne are incredible. Tea tree oil benefits the skin, nails, and hair. The antiseptic properties of this solution make it useful as a mouthwash for those who want to freshen their breath or repel insects. Tea tree oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties, which is making it useful for treating various skin diseases and improving the skin’s appearance.

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What effects does tea tree oil have on the skin?

Tea tree oil is highly beneficial porno
for the skin because it may be hence best for treating various issues. Tea tree oil is powerful, so use caution:

  • Applying pure tea tree oil to your skin is not a good idea. It should be available with the carrier oil such as olive oil, and coconut oil, or almond oil to dilute the oil.
  • Dilute tea tree oil with the carrier oil at a 1:12 ratio (twelve drops of oil to one or two oil droplets).
  • Caution should be taken when using tea tree oil for acne scars near the eyes. Redness and itching are common reactions to exposure.
  • Applying a small amount of pure tea tree oil to your skin might help determine whether or not it will cause a reaction.

How you can use tea tree oil? Steps to follow

The following are the proper procedures for knowing about how to use tea tree oil for acne. It includes dilution, testing, and usage instructions.

  1. Mix 1–2 drops of your tea tree oil with 10-11 drops of carrier oil. But use caution if you plan to apply other oils to your face. There is a possibility that oil-containing products will exacerbate acne.
  2. Before applying diluted tea tree oil to your entire face, perform a small patch test on the inside of area of elbow. Itching, redness, swelling, or burning are all possible reactions in those with sensitive skin or allergic reactions.
  3. Clean your face with a gentle cleanser designed for acne-prone skin, then pat it dry before applying the oil.
  4. Put some diluted tea tree oil on a cotton pad and simply dab it gently on your zits.
  5. Stop worrying about it right now and let it dry. After that, apply your regular moisturizer.
  6. Apply tea tree oil for acne scars the very first thing in the morning and then last thing at night.

When and how to take precautions? Safety Tips

Tea tree oil is generally well tolerated when applied topically. It’s not something you want to put in your stomach. Consuming it could lead to disorientation and a loss of motor control. You can’t coordinate your body’s limbs properly when you have ataxia.

Additionally, avoid getting tea tree oil in your area of eyes, as it can highly cause irritation and redness. You should learn carefully about how to dilute tea tree oil for acne.

If the tea tree oil is diluted properly, most people can apply it to their skin without worrying about getting sick. However, the oil may cause allergic reactions or skin irritation in certain persons.

It’s crucial to perform a patch test on your small skin area before you start applying diluted tea tree oil to your face. If you see any of the following, you should immediately stop using the oil:

It causes symptoms such as itching, redness, swelling, and irritation.


Use of tea tree oil for acne scars as twice daily for at least three days for best results. It could take more time for some ailments to heal fully. Tea tree oil could be used indefinitely to prevent further occurrences.

Before using tea tree oil, people should obtain a skin patch test to rule out any potential allergies. After that, they need to cautiously dilute the oil so it won’t irritate the skin any further. You can also find pre-formulated products that include tea tree oil. By doing so, we can ensure uniformity.

You should visit a doctor if your symptoms persist, worsen, or are bothersome.

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