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Summer Lawn Collection: The Post-Eid Show!

Summer Lawn Collection

by rossdosan

With the second Eid finally behind our backs, the time for annual festivities ends however there is still a moment to shop early for events. And with monsoon rainfall, the trend is shifting towards gatherings and events that will speed up now. Thus, you can enjoy and make the perfect outcome by shopping through some great lawn options that we will be presenting shortly.

Raja Sahib and the summer lawn collection they offer are fun to watch, experience, and purchase from it. In essence, not everything seems rosy because you may be looking for Eid options. This time, our journey will be formalized and highlight what can be of importance in each brand we will be presenting this time.


It is better, to begin with, a low-cost option so people can have some respite. In essence, Raja Sahib focuses on bringing brands of diverse backgrounds. Thus, expensive outfits can be a thing to view here but a budget buy is not far. Shariq is our first brand that is currently selling articles on sale. But there will be no compromise on the ever-green quality of fabrics found almost everywhere in Pakistan. With prices as low as around Rs. 2000, you can make a perfect purchase for any upcoming event. Every print here is rich in embroidery and favors a young look. With multi-colored outfits, you can look younger than your age.

Trending Point:

The price factor is a big positive for this brand. Shopping for superb articles at around Rs. 2000 in the sale will play a big role in its reach.


Farasha is about making a statement and a bolder one but with elegance. What we observed from a first look is that this brand wants to bring forward historic trends. For example, a dress full of dark shades with matching embroidery is not common these days. But with Farasha, you may experience this trend likewise. Apart from these single shade options, multi-colored outfits are also rich in the outlets. You can spot a few dresses that improve the bolder look but it is their color choices that stand out. Farasha tends to rock with its lawn collection offering diverse colors but prices can be considered around Rs. 7000.

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Farasha is a new brand but with good fabric quality and outfit options, it is making a mark quicker than expected. We call it a perfect brand to shop for high-end events.


Sometimes, going the extra mile does cost some fortunes but it also brings a perfect addition nearby. When we talk about Garnet, it is not your regular brand with average to good pricing and decent articles. This is a high-end fabric brand that focuses on bringing high-end articles and outfits nearby. If we have to mention the average price, try bringing around Rs. 15,000 within your wallet to make a good or decent purchase here. But with money, you can count on a spectacular outfit from Garnet likewise. Their lawn collection 2022 carries limited articles but they are speechless to perfection. Try making a quick purchase if you intend to.

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Apart from the price which can be a downside, this brand is a perfect choice to purchase a wedding event outfit.

Gul Ahmed

We do not need to speak much when talking about Gul Ahmed. It is one of the best fabric brands in Pakistan offering the best outfits for a long time. In essence, with modern designs and brands highlighting the new trends, Gul Ahmed is also shifting to modernism. However, they do not leave their class and quality behind. The brand is a perfect choice to improve how your wardrobe looks like. The outfits in their post-Eid Summer Lawn Collection are perfect, shady, and highlight diverse colors from dark to light. Moreover, the prices are currently within the range with sales currently going.

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Gul Ahmed is a high-end fabric shop but it does not offer a one-dimensional shopping experience. You will find the price, color, and style diversity within.


There is a big contrast in Mahgul’s range of clothes. At once, you can find bland fabrics, offering a good option for decency and elegancy however you can opt for their other half. The other options include clothing diversity in colors, fabric quality, and styles. These high-end options carry dark shades, and excellent and beautiful embroidery, whereas prices do not differ by much. In addition to the basics, you can find outfits that can easily highlight any of your upcoming events. In addition to spectacular designs, most of them remain bland.

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If you wish to select an outfit either for an event or for a household, try Mahgul and its simple diversity. Else, we find it hard to make a purchase here!


Raja Sahib offers much more than these five brands. And with Eid over, you can shift to the trending Summer Lawn Collection at the shopping center. Try to mingle between choices, events, and your budget since perfection is hard to receive this time. Ensure that the fabric you opt to shop for carries the ideal blend of your requirements to the maximum.

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