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Do you intend to perform Umrah? If so, one of the most crucial things you should know is how to enter the state of Ihram since, without it, you cannot approach the Miqat, the circumference of Makkah that extends in all directions. Pilgrims must therefore evaluate their intended route of travel. Residents of Makkah are required to enter Ihram from Tan’eem, which is immediately outside of Makkah and is home to Masjid e Aisha (RA). It is a fairly prevalent misconception that the Ihram consists of just the two white sheets of clothing that men are seen wearing during Umrah packages. Then, what precisely is Ihram?

Ihram literally translates to “make forbidden” or “haraam.” When a Haji (pilgrim) expresses his intention to perform the Umrah or says Talbiyah, certain things that are normally lawful (halal) for him become prohibited (haram). Ihram is the name for this fusion of Niyyah and Talbiyah. He has not yet reached the state of Ihram if he simply wears the two white sheets without declaring his intention or saying Talbiyah. As a result, he is still permitted to cover his head and perform the two Rakahs of Nafil, which is prohibited once one has entered the state of Ihram.

Before leaving for Umrah packages, it is generally a good idea to review the procedures for entering the state of Ihram. Here is a step-by-step guide to joining Ihram correctly.

Step 1- Preparations for Ihram

Clip your moustache, shape your beard, comb your hair, and trim any extra body hair.

Step 2- Purification or Taharah

Make Ihram your intention before bathing. You can perform Wudhu in lieu of it. There are two components to self-purification that you should be aware of in this situation:

taking a shower or conducting wudhu to purify your body.

Sincere repentance for your faults is the first step toward internal or spiritual purification. Say something along these lines in your prayer: “O Allah, I genuinely repent for my sins and request your forgiveness.”

Step 3-Ihram Sheets

The two sheets of white cloth should be worn by men. A sheet for the upper body and another for the lower body should be used. The Ihram, worn by women, is their everyday attire. To keep the central bones of the upper portion of the feet exposed, both must wear those flip flops.

Step 4- Offer Nafil Salah

Offer 2 Rakahs of Nafil for Ihram and cover your head if the timing is not unfavourable (Makruh).

Step 5- Piece of Advice

Offer a Nafil Salah, a piece of advice, or a detailed description of how to enter the state of Ihram.

Are you taking a plane to Jeddah? The most accessible place to enter Ihram is inside the aeroplane, so do that. What is your method? Everything else should be completed at home or the airport, with the exception of the intention (Niyyah) and Talbiyah. You can bathe and perform two rakahs of nafl, but keep in mind that until you have said your Talbiyah and your Niyyah, which must be done just before you pass the Miqat boundary line, you have not yet entered the state of Ihram.

Now put on the two white sheets and board the aircraft. The Hajj flight has the benefit of making announcing when it is getting close to Miqat so that you can express your intention (niyyah) and say the Talbiyah. People who still need to change should do so right away, but it’s difficult to do so inside the aircraft. It is preferable to complete it before boarding the plane.


  • If you are travelling in a group, follow the leader’s directions.
  • When travelling for Umrah packages, which is possible throughout the year, it is always preferable to inquire when you board about whether the arrival of Miqat will be notified. When you have roughly an hour to get to Jeddah, you should make the intention and recite the Talbiyah on your own if it hasn’t been stated.

Step 6-Intention and Talbiyah

The Niyyah should then be performed while your head is exposed. Declare what you mean by saying, “Oh Allah I want to go to Umrah packages. Please accept it from me and make it simple for me. Amen.”

Say the words of Talbiyah three times after that, then attempt to repeat them as often as you can going forward. You can even recite the translation in your own language or in English if you don’t know it by heart. However, keep in mind that men speak Talbiah or its translation in a loud voice, while women speak it in a low voice.

Step 7- Du’a

After completing Niyyah and Talbiyah, repeat Darud Sharif and continue making duas in Arabic or even your own language to Allah.

Step 8-Prohibitions of Ihram.

There are not many things that are prohibited (haram) for you once you have attained Ihram. Listed below are a few things you should avoid doing:

  • Cutting nails
  • Shaving or cutting hair
  • Covering the face for women and covering the head for men
  • Wearing perfume
  • Sex
  • Killing or hunting
  • Wearing stitched clothes (for men)
  • Covering the middle bone of the upper area of the feet (applicable to both men and women)
 Step 9- Journey toward Makkah

Continue reciting the Talbiyah as frequently as you can once your journey to the Holy City of Makkah gets underway. Enter the city while saying Talbiyah with all your humility and kindness in your heart. After moving in the direction of your lodging, make your way to Makkah and conduct Umrah packages.


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