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Step By Step Dinosaur Drawing For Kids | Drawing Tutorial

by drawing forkids

Realistic Dinosaur Drawing For Kids

In Drawing For Kids, It’s possible that our kids grew up watching Jurassic World. They discovered the existence of dinosaurs around the globe because of this film. Dinosaurs have instilled fear in the minds of young children due to their enormous size, fierce eyes, and terrible appearance. Why not use dinosaur drawings for youngsters to reproduce their perception of dinosaurs? Now that dinosaurs are extinct, we can encourage youngsters’ imaginations while teaching them how to sketch a dinosaur.

A kindergartener could draw some shapes and circles to make a dinosaur. But as kids advance through the grades, we must also improve their drawing abilities. Kids can draw dinosaurs quickly with BYJU. We can effortlessly avoid the challenges shown in the drawing. It will also be entertaining to teach kids how to draw dinosaurs because they already have a passion for them.

Everyone who enjoys learning things in a pretty straightforward manner will find this kindergarten drawing lesson on dinosaurs to be fascinating and helpful. Dinosaurs are enormous lizards that, millions of years ago, were the actual owners of this world. Many people think dinosaurs are arintriguingng and enigmatic creatures. Dinosaurs are, therefore, a prevalent subject for drawing.

Easy Dinosaur Drawing For Kids

A dinosaur can be illustrated in a variety of ways. I’ll demonstrate the most straightforward approach to this today. Repeat the five steps below, which I created specifically for young people and budding artists.

Although it is hard for kids to witness a real dinosaur, we can help them make a replica that is just as amazing as the real thing. This lesson on simple dinosaur drawing for kids will be an excellent project since it combines their creativity with their knowledge of witnessing a live simulation or image of a dinosaur.

Even though they will have to put in a lot of effort and persistent practice to master their dinosaur drawing, this dinosaur drawing for kids will set the bar for them. Children will also be able to alter and add elements to create new varieties of dinosaurs by learning to sketch a dinosaur in its simplest form. Let’s, therefore, attempt to create a detailed drawing.


  • Pencil, Paper, Eraser, and Coloring Materials
  • Needed time: 20 minutes.

Kindergarten dinosaur drawing instructions

  • Draw the torso and head.
  • Draw two spherical shapes similar to those in my example.
  • Draw the tail and the neck.
  • The neck is made by joining the head and torso together with two straight lines, including a short, triangular tail.
  • Create the dinosaur’s limbs.
  • On the lower torso, there appear to be four rectangles. Pay notice to how far apart the front and rear legs are.
  • Draw the features of the face.
  • The most straightforward step is this one. The mouth appears to be a curved line, while the eye seems to be a point.
  • Dinosaur coloring page.
  • I went with the most straightforward dinosaur-painting technique. You can add shadows or highlights if you want to make your drawing more challenging.

Therefore, I have created a handy pdf download for you that includes this drawing lesson in a condensed form and a few bonuses. You can draw a dinosaur for kindergarten anywhere with the help of this PDF, even without an Internet connection.

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