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Spirit of Adventure Sports at India’s Golden Triangle Tour

Golden Triangle Tour

by kriankita014

Golden Triangle Tour

Spirit of Adventure Sports at India’s Golden Triangle Tour, offering the variety & flavor both in terms of time & value. Backed with magnificence of culture, décor &  mesmerized history. Do you know it’s also the most well-liked tourist route due to its ease of access.

 Delhi offers a wealth of sights, including its medieval Mughal buildings, labyrinthine bazaars and the pristine New Town of Raj, now the seat of government.

Capital of the princely state of Rajasthan, Jaipur has several huge forts and palaces rich in history, pride, chivalry and bravery.

The fact about the Taj Mahal is the river reciting the amazing love story by the Shah jahan and Mumtaz. This palace is well placed at the Yamuna River.

Take suggestions and advice with our four wheel drive India. Also, get the best Golden Triangle India Tour package. Thus, we offer many tailor-made tours with a variety of budgets and tastes. In addition, we offer innovative routes and quick response. So, choice is yours go with Golden Triangle Tour packages or not.

Adventure Sports at Golden Triangle Tour of India

The Golden Triangle is ideal for first-time visitors to India, as its fabulous amalgamation offers many other tourist destinations, especially in northern India.

Rajasthan – The land of culture and traditions, flowing through our veins for centuries. When talking about Jaipur, this city is colorful and cheerful. It is the capital and largest city of Rajasthan which dates back to the 18th century developed by Sawai Jai Singh. It was he who developed the first planned city of India, i.e. Jaipur.

 With the most excellent adventure tours in Jaipur city, it is a extraordinary travel point across the world. Tourists hop here for many reasons and it is an important part of India’s travel triangle – i.e. the Golden Triangle India tour of Delhi city, Jaipur city and Agra city. The major impression of Jaipur being a historic city of Rajasthan is due to the ancient architectural buildings and monuments and the vast gigantic forts. But it’s not just royalty that awaits, it’s charm and windows of adventure that beckon you to witness it.

The last point of the tour of the Golden Triangle: Jaipur

So here we are talking about the adventure sports spirit of Jaipur

  • Nhargarh Fort
  • Jalmahal
  • Amber Fort

Visit Jaipur for an adventure and see all the wildlife and tigers in the national parks spread over several acres. Get a feeling of sand on the deserts of Pushkar and Jaisalmer. Jump here and join the camel safari and admire the colorful twilight sky. Wait, there is more to the adventure, take a bike ride or bike tour to explore the actual fun of living being in Jaipur.

 These lively tours give you the opportunity to relish a plethora of activities such as camping, special jungle safari, overnight jungle camping, zipline tours, adventurous motorbike to sambhar salt lake, and much more… With the best adventure tours in Jaipur – the pink city is like a dream come true for every traveler offering a fairy tale experience for all.

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