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Spirit Airlines unaccompanied minor policy

by bookaflightdeals

Well, no one can even think about allowing their children to fly & that too via air is quite impossible. But, going through the SPIRIT AIRLINES UNACCOMPANIED MINORS POLICY 2022 will be more beneficial. Here, you’ll get to know about the important parameters. 

It’s an ultra-low-cost airline located in the United States & and operates flights through different locations. Although, there are several benefits like last minute deals, affordable flights & other features. Moreover, being a first-class traveler, it offers big front seats and extra legroom. 

Explain who the minor is according to Spirit Airlines. 

According to Spirit, any child within the age group of 4 years or below is meant as a minor. However, they cannot board a flight alone to any destination. 

What are the other points related to the unaccompanied minor?

According to the Spirit Airlines Unaccompanied Minor policy, there are some points that you need to keep in mind:

  1. Four years or below:

Those about four years or younger can only fly with the airline. However, they need to with passengers who have 15 years of age. Although, they are considered too young to enjoy air travel.

2.5-14 years:

Well, they can fly as unaccompanied minors while not traveling with adults of about 15 years, as these are among the age requirements in most airlines. 

3.15 or more :

This age group doesn’t need an unaccompanied minor service, although it’s quite an option for them. However, they must provide a photo id or birth certificate for age verification. 

Well, the above points clearly refers about SPIRIT AIRLINES UNACCOMPANIED MINORS POLICY 2022

How to make a flight reservation for an unaccompanied minor on Spirit Airlines?

There are some points to follow:

  1. The first thighs are visiting the official website of Spirit Airlines
  2. After providing the details about the trip, you need to choose the flight on which the minor is traveling. 
  3. Now, mention the number of children who will be boarding the flight & search for the flights.
  4. Here, you need to enter the child’s date of birth & hit the continue tab
  5. You can see a pop-up that says the child can allow travel along with the per-way fare. 
  6. However, read the acceptance policy & hit the accept button
  7. On the other side, you need to follow the additional instructions 
  8. Well, as soon you make the payment, you’ll receive an e-ticket

Apart from these things, you can also prefer to travel via JetBlue airlines & enjoy numerous services. In fact, you can read the JetBlue Unaccompanied Minor policy to get more details on the same. 

What are the rules for unaccompanied minors?

Before you plan a trip for your children, some important rules need to be followed:

  1. The passengers must report to the ticket counter at the airport 60 minutes before the scheduled departure. 
  2. Now, you also need to complete an unaccompanied minor form while check-in & a valid photo id to board the flight.
  3. On the other side, you’ll be given a lanyard in which you need to insert the form & need to wear while flying.
  4. It helps the onboard crew members to identify the unaccompanied minors flying. 
  5. While dropping the child off at the airport, you can also request the gate pass from the ticket counter. It’ll help you to escort them to the gate. 

These are the respective points related to SPIRIT AIRLINES UNACCOMPANIED MINORS POLICY 2022.

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