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Signs that your testosterone levels are low

Low testosterone

by Psychowellness Center

The hormone testosterone is usually found in males but a small amount is found in females as well. Low testosterone in males causes sexual dysfunction. The more prominent signs of low testosterone are depression, exhaustion, and reduced libido. You need a blood test to confirm low levels in order to receive a diagnosis of low testosterone. While some symptoms are more noticeable, others can be gradual and undetectable. Feel free to consult Dr. R.K. Suri, the best clinical psychologist in Dwarka, South-West Delhi.

Low testosterone

The testicles create the hormone testosterone. Testosterone influences how you look and develop sexually increases sperm count and sex drive, and assists in the development of bone and muscle mass. With age, testosterone production normally declines. About 40% of males aged 45 and older have low testosterone, according to the American Urological Association.

Signs and symptoms of low testosterone are:

  1. Decrease in sex drive

The hormone testosterone plays a vital role in libido, also referred to as sex drive. As they age, some people may suffer a decrease in sex drive, but those with low testosterone will probably have a more pronounced loss.

  1. Difficulty in maintaining an erection

An erection can be obtained and maintained with the help of testosterone. Nitric oxide, a chemical that helps to initiate a series of events that result in an erection, is produced as a result of instructions given to brain receptors. It may be challenging to get an erection before sexual activity or to encounter spontaneous erections, such as those that occur while you’re asleep when testosterone levels are too low. Some health conditions due to which people are not able to maintain an erection are:

  • Alcohol use
  • Smoking


  1. Hot flashes

When you experience hot flashes, it might be a sign of low levels of testosterone level in the body. It might feel like an unexpected warm feeling. Additionally, you can suffer from night-time sweats, excessive sweating, and skin redness.

  1. Loss of hair

Age-related hair loss can affect anyone, and it is a common symptom of aging for many people. The production of hair is one of the many bodily processes that testosterone influences. Going bald is a typical aspect of aging for many men, and while it may run in the family, men with low testosterone may also experience facial and body hair loss.

  1. Fatigue

Males with low testosterone levels may experience extreme fatigue and low energy. You may have low testosterone levels if you consistently feel worn out despite getting plenty of sleep or if you find it difficult to muster the motivation to exercise.

  1. Decrease in muscle mass

Because testosterone is essential for the growth of the muscular mass, decreased hormone levels can result in a considerable loss of muscle mass.

  1. Changes in mood

Men with low testosterone levels may experience mood swings. Since testosterone has an impact on a variety of biological processes, it may also alter the clarity of mind, mood, and emotions.

  1. Erectile dysfunction

If you are unable to obtain or maintain an erection that is strong enough for sexual activity, it is known as erectile dysfunction (ED). Having ED can make having sex challenging or impossible, which can cause frustration and even a loss of desire in having sex. Low testosterone levels are one of the most frequent causes of ED, however, there are other possibilities.

  1. Sleeping problems

You may struggle with insomnia and agitation at night if your testosterone levels are low. Have a soothing night-time routine to aid in getting a good night’s sleep. Even on weekends, I go to bed and get up at the same hour. Only use your bedroom to sleep and have sex, and make it dark, quiet, and inviting.

  1. Problems at the workplace

Focus challenges, mood disorders, and low energy are just a few of the low testosterone side effects that can make it challenging to perform at your best at work. A thorough medical exam could assist in identifying the root of any drastic changes in your job or personal life. If you have low testosterone levels, a blood test might reveal this. You can also consult Dr. R.K. Suri, the best clinical psychologist in Dwarka, South-West Delhi, for your mental health difficulties due to low testosterone levels.

Causes of low testosterone levels

The level of testosterone usually decreases with age but there are certain other conditions that lower them. They are:

  • Injuries in testicles
  • Treatment of cancer
  • Anxiety and stress
  • AIDS
  • Too much alcohol use
  • Liver cirrhosis
  • Conditions of pituitary glands
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Some infections
  • Obesity
  • Certain medication use


Testosterone replacement therapy

You can consult a doctor to find out if testosterone replacement therapy is appropriate for you if you are bothered by low testosterone symptoms. There are several variations of testosterone replacement treatment, including:

  • drugs are taken orally
  • body gel
  • injections
  • Pellets inserted beneath your skin
  • patches

lifelong treatment and testosterone replacement therapy. Your testosterone levels will fall if you quit the medication.

The following are possible side effects of testosterone replacement therapy:

  • There is an acne
  • swollen prostate
  • Testicles might shrink
  • There is a low sperm count
  • increase the count of red blood cells in the blood
  • retention of fluid
  • swelling in the feet or ankles

If your sexual health is impacting mental health, take assistance from Dr. R.K. Suri, the best clinical psychologist in Dwarka, South-West Delhi.

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