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Risks of Using Open-Source Codes That People Don’t Know Yet

by Scarlett Watson

The open-source codes are different from the proprietary codes. The open-source codes are open for IT professionals. With the help of the open-source codes, the IT professionals can easily alter and improve these codes. People are using open source codes from the history of computers but now, lots of people have stopped the use of open-source codes. Its reason is that these open-source codes are creating security problems for them. Another problem is that most of the people don’t know that they are facing problems by using open source code. Here, we will discuss the risks of using open-source codes that most of people don’t know.

The Open-Source Codes Are Not Secure:

This is known as the biggest problem of the open-source codes. Its reason is that the open-source codes give easy access to hackers to identify and exploit the programs by using some hacking techniques. They can also identify and exploit the programs just by sending viruses to the systems of the users. On the other hand, if you are using proprietary software, you will not face this kind of problem. Its reason is that they have a team of developers who ensure the security of the users. Moreover, there is also a possibility some members of your team who have access to the open-source code can also steal information of the users without getting your permission.

To Catch And Fix Issues In Open Source Codes Is A Problem:

The proprietary software is the most secure because it has a team to spot the bugs and to know the security flaws. On the other hand, in the case of open-source codes, they don’t have enough eyes to catch and fix these issues. Moreover, to solve the security problems, there require security experts and open source codes don’t have a team of experts. Anyhow, they try to find and solve the problems but they can’t get success all the time. As a result, these open-source codes can create risk mitigations for users. If your open-source code software is relevant to the cryptography, it can create further security issues to you. Its reason is that for the cryptography, you also require review codes to catch the security flaws.

Open-Source Codes Are Not Reliable:

If you want to identify the problems of the community and to provide the best possible solutions to these problems, you should have a strong central management system. Without the strong central management system, the open-source code can’t identify the problems of the community and they can’t provide the best solutions to these problems. That’s why the open-source code software can create some problems for the users. Anyhow, there are also some benefits of open source software over the proprietary software. Its reason is that in the open-source code software, you can get the possible solutions to your problems by posting your problems in the community. On the other hand, in the proprietary software, you can’t find the possible solutions to your problems in the community. Anyhow, they try to remove the bug in their software in their next update.

Users Face Difficulties To Manage Licenses:

As told by a dissertation help expert, there are lots of open source components in the single proprietary software. As a result, these projects of proprietary software are composed of different licenses. The most important licenses are GPL, MIT and Apache etc. These kinds of licenses create lots of problems for users to manage them. When they release this kind of software, more than 200 different kinds of licenses are attached to them. To manage this license is a real problem for you. If a company wants to use this software securely, it must comply with all the individual terms of these licenses. If a company is non-compliance with one or more than one terms of these licenses, this thing can create lots of security problems for the company. It means that it can create financial issues within the company. Moreover, the company has to track these licenses regularly and it is a time-consuming task.

It Can Also Create Potential Infringement Issues:

The use of open-source codes can also create some intellectual property infringement issues in your company. Its reason is that the companies don’t have standard control over these projects. Therefore, these open-source codes provide a way for hackers to enter into the open-source projects of the company. In the real world, SCO Group has faced this kind of problem. According to SCO Group, IBM has stolen their source codes. After stealing these source codes, IBM has used these source codes for the project monetary. As a result, they have become damage to billions of dollars for the SCO Group. Therefore, before using the open-source codes into different projects of your company, you should read out the case study of SCO Group. If you don’t use them carefully, these open-source codes can also create potential infringement issues for your company.

It Can Also Create Operational Risks:

If you are using open-source codes in the enterprise, you can also face some operational inefficiencies. The first and the major problem is that you can’t track the open source components and you can’t also update these open source components in the form of new versions. The updates are required for your company to save it from the high-risk security vulnerabilities. If you are delaying these updates, you can cause a catastrophe. The use of open-source codes can also create some visibility and transparency issues in your company. While using the open-source codes, it is also difficult for you to follow the dedicated policy. The open-source code software doesn’t provide manual updating spreadsheets. On the other hand, proprietary software provides manual updating spreadsheets. Another problem is that like proprietary software, you can’t get an update to remove the bug. Anyhow, if you want to remove the bugs, your developers have to play an active role.

Along with these risks of the open-source codes, the only advantage of the open-source code is that it is available to all the members of the community. Therefore, they can easily find out the flag potential exploits in the open-source codes and they can also remove them easily.

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