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Revenue Sources for Travel BPO Service Agencies

by stephen723

The majority of Travel BPO Service agencies surveyed in 2013 by the American Society of Travel Agents reported higher revenue, more transactions, and more clients in 2012 than in 2011. The tour/group, insurance, cruise, and foreign independent travel sectors showed the most sales growth at the agencies ASTA surveyed.

Group Tours

For travel companies, group Travel BPO Services can be a sizable source of income. However, a survey released in June 2012 by Travel Weekly and Travel Age West. Revealed that not all agencies have fully embraced this potential revenue stream. The survey’s findings showed that more than 27% of respondents said that more than one-third of their sales came from group bookings. Indicating that this is still a significant source of income for many travel firms. Consider marketing to people who have similar hobbies, families, or businesses. That would interest in sending a top-performing corporate team on an exceptional vacation. If your travel agency is interested in pursuing this revenue stream.

Travel Protection

When making travel plans, many people are willing to pay for peace of mind. As a result, a lot of Travel BPO Service firms provide their customers with insurance. That safeguards them in case of cancellation before to departure, trip interruption, flight cancellation, lost luggage, accidents, or unanticipated illness. As many travelers do not take the time to read the fine print on insurance policies on their own. knowledgeable travel agencies will be skilled at warning travelers of the potential pitfalls that could invalidate a travel insurance policy. Such as excessive alcohol consumption or failing to disclose a pre-existing medical condition.


Another significant source of income for travel companies is cruise vacations. The number of travel agents charging cruise booking fees has grown since 2007. According to Melissa Teats, head of research for ASTA, because cruise rates have been declining over time. Christine Duffy, president and CEO of the Cruise Lines International Association, stated that the number of bookings made by travel agents has not significantly decreased as a result of cruise ship mishaps.

Independent foreign travelers

FIT, often known as foreign independent traveler or free independent traveler, is an abbreviation. The word will have many meanings, but most travel businesses agree that FIT travelers prefer more individualized vacations over standard vacation packages. As more work is often necessary in preparing these types of trips, travel agencies may charge extra consultation and service costs for these travelers.

It is a hassle for business folks to go through a protracted confirmation process for their trip. They are interested in hiring someone to handle all of their paperwork and other tasks. They pay a big sum of money to a Travel BPO Service agent since they need their services for this reason. You’ll have to organize their trip, reserve the nicest lodging, and handle all the paperwork in your capacity as a travel agent. An agent can provide consumers with exceptional BPO Solutions and satisfy them if they have many connections and experience. They just need to win their trust and create repeat business.

Travel BPO Service has eased so many things in our daily lives. It is playing a vital role in providing good services to the customers.

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