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Quran Memorization – Why and When to Start?

by Livequran

It is of no doubt that learning to recite the Quran is a hobby that should be encouraged among Muslim kids and adults alike.

But memorizing the Quran is equally important as reciting it daily with the help of any resource.

With more than 6000 versus and 30 sections, practitioners of the Islam religion will find it difficult to memorize the holy book.

This makes it necessary for you to avail of a Quran memorization course to say your daily prayers with ease.

Through this article we will be understanding why you should put efforts into Quran memorization to get closer to the Islam religion.

We also take a look at the best age to start with it so that you can positively feel the effects of memorizing the Quran.

Why Should you Memorize the Quran?

Memorizing the Quran is the best religious practice any Muslim can do in his or her life.

  • It contains many values and principles that can lead you to the right path in any trouble some life situation.

Reciting the Quran daily after memorizing the verses will help you think clearly and make the right decision during such harsh times.

You will therefore have much more strength and endurance in facing any situation in life.

  • Quran memorization also brings a positive outlook in your life. You will start performing more good deeds and stray away from practices and values that seem immoral.

Memorizing the verses of the Quran will bring you a peace of mind and calmness that will prepare you for all adversities.

  • Memorizing the Quran will also bring you a step closer to Allah. Since you memorize and recite his words, you are establishing a strong connection and relationship with him at the same time.

You will also have a stronger bond with the Islam religion and its values.

  • Reading the verses of the Quran daily is seen as an act of healing by millions of Muslims across the world. Memorizing it helps increase the immunity of your body and improve your mental health.

This is experienced by people who regularly practice memorizing the Quran or the different parts of it.

  • Memorizing the Quran is a rewarding process for those who do it with a genuine intention. It is said that you will obtain 10 good deeds for each letter if you memorize the holy book and recite it regularly.

The Best Age to Start with Quran Memorization

It is not possible to say the exact age at which you can start memorizing the Quran. In fact, kids and adults both seem to put the same interest in reciting and memorizing the holy book.

Since each person’s capability to learn and retain information is different, it is not really possible to come to a conclusion about the age at which we can memorize the Quran.

But it is always best to encourage children to learn anything since their brains tend to take in information easily when they are young.

This is applicable to any skill, which is why parents encourage their children to train for anything as early as possible.

  • It is also better for kids to start memorizing and reciting the Quran since they will have enough time to inculcate values and morals described in the holy book in their own life when they grow up.
  • Another reason why childhood is the best time to memorize the Quran is because the lives of children are different from adults.

They do not have as many responsibilities as adults who have a much busier life. Therefore, adults may find it difficult to manage their professional life and spend time for engaging in religious activities like memorizing and reciting the Quran.

Children on the other hand find it less challenging to memorize the Quran and its verses, since their minds are free of the troubles that come with the adult life.

But this doesn’t mean that Quran memorization is something adult should stay away from. Even though childhood allows you to memorize the Quran more effectively, adults can also do the same if they do it in plant and organised way.

All you need is the right guidance, patience, and some time allotted to engage in the greatness of Allah.

If you are somebody who has a busy lifestyle, signing up for a Quran memorization course online will be the most ideal option for you.

Best Online Courses for Quran Memorization

We have listed down the two most-preferred online institutions that offer Quran memorization courses for kids and adults.

1. Live Quran

Live Quran offers Hifzul Quran online classes to help students memorize the holy Quran seamlessly. They have a team of qualified and experienced teachers including female teachers to help kids and adults reach the Itqan level in Hifz Quran.

The Quran memorization course starts by memorizing the Quran word by word. The teachers will then guide you by reviewing the verses you’ve memorized. This course offered by live Quran allows a balance of memorization and revision for the most effective learning.

By the end of the course, you will be the master of memorizing the entire Quran.

2. Firdaws Academy

Firdaws Academy offers a Hifz Quran online class for adults and kids.

Their professional teachers have Ijaz, and are trained to assist each individual to achieve their aim of memorizing the Quran.

They have a solid structure and syllabus that lists down the study material and goals.

You can check out the website to choose any of the programs that they offer through their Quran memorization course.


The Quran is the book that opens all the doors of virtues and goodness for you. You will have a much clearer mindset and a more positive take on life if you practice the values described in the Quran.

You get to know about the history of the religion of Islam and all the stories about its ancestors. This makes it necessary for you to go online and start signing up for a Quran memorization course.

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