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Quickbook Desktop 2022 crashing after update when company file

What to do if QuickBooks Keeps Crashing Unexpectedly?

by martinshaward

Are you getting bugged with “Quickbooks closes unexpectedly” error message? This might be frustrating and will surely stop you from executing multiple functions. When you are conducting a survey or doing something else, an unexpected “Com Error” will flash on your screen. 

Not just in Windows but even “Quickbooks quit unexpectedly MAC” can also be an issue. But when your Quickbooks keeps shutting or freezing, it not only creates problems but more than that. While the software shuts down, it can cause other crashing errors as well. At times, loss of data or company file damage can also be caused. So, it becomes utmost important to fix this issue.

What can be the reasons for Quickbooks closes unexpectedly?

There is not one but many causes that can lead to the Quickbooks Closes Unexpectedly error. Here are some of them for you.

  • If you are working on sales or invoices randomly. Rather, you should work on one at a time. Ensure that you close the previous invoice before starting to work on the next.
  • Also when you are working with a report center.
  • When working in different centers, this problem can be caused. 
  • While mailing a large report to someone, your Quickbooks can crash.

Resolving the issue of Quickbooks crashing unexpectedly

There are different ways to tackle the crashing problem and one of them is to update your software. 

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Solution: Installing all the updates of Quickbooks

One of the best ways to fix the unexpectedly crashing of Quickbooks is to get the latest updates. Install all the updates properly and then run your Quickbooks.

  • Open your Quickbooks desktop and then click on “Run as administrator.”
  • When you see the prompt, punch in your credentials and then click on “enter.”
  • Head to the “Help” tab and click on “update Quickbooks Desktop” which will open the update windows.
  • Click on “Update Now” and then on “Get Updates.”
  • Once the downloading process gets completed you will have to select the “Install Updates” button. This will intrigue the process of installation.
  • Once the process bar completes, you will have to restart the desktop.

If you are facing Quickbooks 2022 keeps crashing error, then this will fix the problem for good. 

If you require immediate troubleshooting assistance to deal with Quickbooks closes unexpectedly, contact the QuickBooks technical team by giving a call on our helpline number


Quickbooks crashing after update is another problem that many might face. Even after you have updated your software, it will keep freezing or crashing. In that you will have to face the constant issue that you were facing already. For cases like these, we have certified experts who will help in fixing this problem.  contact us at +1(855)-738-0359 to get assistance from our technical team.

You can rely on these experts because they will help you right from diagnosing the process to eliminating it. There are many other issues related to this problem of the desktop getting freezed. So, just dial up the number or put in your query to get in touch with our professionals. 

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