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Purpose To Get Your Doctor ” Medical Indemnity Insurance “

by spectrumguy

Medical indemnity insurance Malaysia is our area of expertise at Hanhan Insurance in Malaysia. In a public hospital, it is typical for a doctor who is employed to be covered by their employer for lawsuits resulting from alleged errors or misconduct. However, a lot of employed medical professionals additionally have their own indemnity insurance for problems that come up and are not covered by the hospital.


The Advantages of Owning Your Own Medical Insurance

The advantages of having your own cover are substantial. Let’s take a closer look at a couple of them:


  • Low cost and high value: On its own, low cost isn’t a good reason to get the right protection for your profession, but when you consider the larger picture, it makes sense. The finest investments you can make are in yourself because, for many health professionals, their career will account for the majority of their lifetime earnings.


  • Your hospital may restrict the level of support it offers to specific employees. In a small number of cases, hospitals are forced to choose between protecting the interests of individual staff members and upholding the needs of their patients.


  • Help with information requests or coroner’s reports—some hospitals don’t offer help with coroner’s reports or medical board issues. You can get help from Hanhan if the Coroner asks you to submit a report. You might also need legal aid to defend your interests if the Coroner’s court starts to take an interest in you. Hanhan Insurance can offer that legal support in such circumstances.


  • Coverage for medical treatment outside of Malaysia is available under Hanhan Insurance policies for a maximum of 120 days per year for patient care (excluding US territories).


For instance:

  • placement of students’ electives under suitable supervision
  • placement with employer indemnity (eg employee in a hospital)
  • Medical care in an underdeveloped nation
  • accompanying an athletic and cultural group from Malaysia
  • Insurance for medical malpractice


Medical indemnity insurance is a specialty of Hanhan Insurance Providers.


Let us assist you if you have any inquiries regarding buying a medical indemnity insurance coverage. We may discuss with you the price of the medical indemnity insurance as well as other crucial topics. Berkshire Hathaway underwrites Hanhan Insurance. In the world of business, Berkshire Hathaway is a name synonymous with reliability and honesty. We provide a variety of insurance products, including medical malpractice insurance, doctors indemnity insurance, medical professional indemnity insurance, general practitioner medical indemnity insurance, and more. We take great pride in our in-depth knowledge of the Malaysian medical community and the dynamic healthcare sector.


You must safeguard not just the rights and welfare of your patients but also your business and way of life as a result of the changing regulations. Hanhan Insurance is a specialist in offering insurance protection with more choices, innovation, and flexibility. Reach out to us to learn more.


This article is not complete, legal counsel, or medical advice; it is general in nature. Before relying on any content, consult a professional (lawyer, doctor, etc.) and use clinical discretion when making judgments. People who accept this book’s advice must utilise their own independent competence and judgement or obtain relevant professional guidance. Following guidance does not ensure the healthcare professional’s duty of care to patients and anyone who interact with them. Hanhan Insurance Sdn Bhd disclaims any liability for injury caused by this information.


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