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PTE Reading Tips And Strategies

Tips and Strategies to improve your PTE Reading score

by rahulrana

The Pearson Test of English (PTE), a computer-based exam, evaluates applicants for university courses in English-speaking nations who are not natural English speakers.

The three test variants are PTE Academic, General, and Young Learners. PTE Academic is the proper test to take if you’re taking it to apply for a university programmed. In one three-hour test session, this evaluates listening, reading, speaking, and writing using computers. It is a computer-based exam focusing on everyday English used in academic settings, including academic language and accents. Your English proficiency is evaluated by scoring in 4 sections: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. 

You must devote enough time to the PTE Reading test as a first-time test taker because your overall PTE score will depend on the results of the separate sections. Englingua is a PTE Coaching in Jalandhar that will help you ace the PTE Reading Test on your first attempt.


Here are PTE Reading Tips and Strategies to improve your score:

Tips and Strategies to improve your PTE Reading

  • Read the question twice:

Before attempting, you must read the question twice. This will assist you in comprehending the questions the examiner is posing. There are times when students begin answering a question without fully understanding it. Doing this risks answering the question incoherently, which could result in a score reduction.


  • Skimming and Scanning:

From the perspective of the test, this is one of the most helpful PTE reading pieces of advice. Instead of reading the entire text, you must skim and scan it. This will enable you to better organize your time since, rather than reading the passage word by word, you will merely search for the phrase. Instead of starting your search from left to right to facilitate skimming, start it from right to left. Doing this can quickly finish the paragraph because you can only concentrate on the keyword you’re looking for.


  • Use elimination technique:

What if you’re not sure of the response? It is in no way a problem. Understanding the meaning of the sentence will help you save time. You can still glance at the selection and answer even if you don’t know the precise proper term. You may either eliminate the terms that don’t even somewhat resemble the definition of the word that should belong in the sentence, or you can check them out and find out what they mean.


  • Practice PTE Reading test:

You will quickly become an expert at something when you consistently practice it. The same holds with PTE reading. Try each type of question that has appeared in the exam as you daily practice PTE reading. Using PTE reading practice tests, you can effortlessly hone your PTE reading abilities while also practicing for the exam.


  • Use good vocabulary:

It’s possible that you run into many new words or ones that sound similar. Read as many academic articles as possible to increase your vocabulary and familiarity with their synonyms. Make a note of the unfamiliar words, use them, and try to recall them in context. Own a portable dictionary. In this manner, you will at least have a good notion of whether a term is appropriate for a certain blank when you encounter it. Additionally, you’ll be able to understand what a specific sentence means.


  • Highlight the Keywords:

Before reading the paragraph in its entirety, read the questions first. Then, underline the questions’ essential words. This will make it simple for you to search the section for the answers using the keywords you’ve marked. This will save you valuable time. You can better understand the questions by breaking them down and analyzing them, but they will also be able to use these keywords to locate the text passage containing the correct answer.


  • Improve your Grammatical knowledge:

Developing your grammar skills is crucial. Every PTE section can benefit from it. Solid fundamentals will help you perform better and save time because you won’t have to think about the correct response. Reread what you just read to strengthen your grammar knowledge. You will undoubtedly get better grades as a result.

You’ll be able to do better in reading and achieve higher PTE scores by using these suggestions and tactics. Here you can view complete overview of PTE test


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