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What Is a Private Social Wall? – Steps To Create One For Your Events


Creating engaging events using a social wall reaps brilliant benefits for businesses and brands. It serves everything a brand demands, whether the enhanced social presence or audience engagement.

However, the engagement of a social media wall is enhanced by people using social media platforms. But how do you make non-social media people get engaged through your social wall? Through Private social wall!

‘Private post feature’ ensures that an audience not a part of social media can also engage with the private social media wall. In this blog, we will discuss everything about a private social media wall.

Also, we will get to know where you can create a free social media wall for events. So let’s start it all with the definition. 

Explanation: Private Social Wall

It’s an excellent tool for internal company events and events with an audience that doesn’t use social media or has privacy concerns.

A private social wall makes UGC generating easy for any internal event, whether a leadership event, a business Christmas party, an employee appreciation event or any other internal event.

How To Create A Private Social Wall?

A private social wall creation is almost similar to a social wall creation. A social wall is created by embedding the social media feeds. While one is embedding the social media feeds onto the social media wall, he will find a private post feature next to the social media feeds feature. 

Adding the private post feature to your private social wall will ensure that one can share their experience without the need for social media accounts.

The Private Post function makes collecting content from your users simple and quick.

QR Code: You can post a QR code on your social network wall for people to scan and share their content.

URL: You can quickly collect feedback or images from your audience by sharing a URL with them.

Benefits Of A Private Social Wall

The excellent private post function of the private Social wall has been a breakthrough in the internet marketing sector. Let’s have a look at some of its key advantages.

Consumers’ Privacy Safeguarded

Customers place a high value on a brand’s dependability. People buy from a trusted brand without doing any research. The Private Post Feature earns its audience’s trust and establishes itself as a trustworthy brand.

Furthermore, organizations can employ Private social walls to ensure that their customers are comfortable submitting evaluations without giving personal information.

Overall Audience Engagement 

Engagement with the audience should not be limited to social media. Beyond that, brands and enterprises should be able to engage the audience. 

Internal affairs are typically kept secret. For example, attendees cannot publish or post photographs or videos on social media.

Hence, a private wall during a private event increases participation by allowing everyone to join in the conversation and share their favorite memories from the event.

User-generated content From All Corners

Most User-Generated Content is now shared on social networking sites like Instagram, Twitter, and others, making it great for internal events.

Your audience may be unable to publish their ideas, experiences, photographs, or videos on their public social networking sites. You can allow them to post directly to the wall increases the amount of user-generated content you can collect tremendously.

Convenience At Its Best

Members of your community may be unable to share their thoughts, photographs, experiences, or videos on public social media pages.

Some people prefer to keep their social media accounts private, don’t have any active accounts, or aren’t logged in on their devices in a convenient way. Allowing users to share content on the social wall will improve participation by making them feel more connected.

Examples of Private Social Wall Applications

A private social wall is a valuable tool that can be used for various purposes. To better understand these events, we’ve divided them into three groups.

Internal Company Events

Although, internal workplace events are one type where private social walls can be used to boost involvement. It uses QR codes to make sharing user-generated material simple.

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is paramount to every company’s success. Customers can quickly post reviews by scanning the QR code with the private post feature. 

Internal Feedback

Although, internal company communication is confidential, and team members cannot publicly share their opinions on social media.

The Private Social Wall, on the other hand, allows your team members to make comments without having to log in to their social media accounts.

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