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Present Your Bedroom With Elegant Bedside Runners

by rajayyadav

A bedroom is your little space where you rest and unwind after a tiring, hectic day and want to spend some relaxing time. Your leisure time can increase if you have a TV in the bedroom Bedside Runners. Apart from TV, we spend time reading and dressing up. Therefore, the bedroom’s interiors are essential and should be considered according to the mood as you spend more time in it. 


The bed is the central part of the bedroom and must be furnished with a comfy mattress and soft pillows. Also, the room is uplifted by the bed linen you use. Thus, we generally upgrade the room’s furniture and empty the tiling. 


Therefore, bedside runner rugs are one element you can add on either side of your bed to give comfort to your foot landing. These Bedside Runners or rugs are long, have less width, and are generally seen as long, narrow stripes. You can also place these colourful, elegant stripes on the foot of the bed to enhance the bedroom’s appeal.


How should you style your bedside runner rug?

It would help if you considered various factors while purchasing a bedside rug for yourself. 


The purpose of the rug


You can use the rugs on either side of the bed to provide a safe cocoon for landing after waking up from the bed. In times of winter, it gives a warm and soft surface from the cold hard surfaces. Also, it protects the flooring from wear and tear and accidents. Lastly, it can prevent aged people or small children from falling. These functional aspects or utility factors make these rugs very useful. 


The other factor is that they add to the aesthetics of the place. Their different colours and patterns give an eye-pleasing effect to the eyes and make the site look luxurious. The other materials used to make them long-lasting, and the bedside looks gorgeous. 


The position of the rug. 


As stated above, you can place them on the sides and foot. If it is placed on the sides, the purpose can be different, but on the foot side, it is used to enhance the room’s decor. The other places you can put these rugs are the living room, staircase, entryways, hallways and bathroom. 


The style of your bedroom


The choice of the rug is the individual preference and depends upon their personality. You can choose various styles ranging from traditional to modern. Similarly, colours can vary from bold to soft shades and tones like simple to ravelled. 


The bedside runners can match and blend well with the interiors of your room decor if you try mixing or fusing the designs. Room decor and the rugs should complement each other and bring a completely alluring look. 


The usage of the rug.


If the use of rugs is more, then you should choose a carpet that can resist the massive and regular footfall. It causes more wear and tears; hence select sturdy and rigid material to withstand the pressure. 


The best options are cotton, jute, wool or nylon. Although their material is complex, the feel and look are comfortable. They can also absorb dust and moisture, making the surface look clean and tidy.


While silk, rayon, and seagrass are used when there is less traffic. These rugs have a high visual appeal and have a very comforting touch. They enhance the decor and make the place very pleasing.


Different kinds of patterns 


You can use different patterns keeping in mind the decor of the room. If the room set is simple with geometric patterns, you can choose diamonds, squares or circle designs on the rugs to blend. If the setting has printed patterns like bed linen or wallpaper, you can add floral and abstract rugs to the room. 


Whatever you choose should look well aligned with the other room decor and not mismatch. If there are some neutral shades in the room, then vibrant popping colour rugs suit you well. Also, you can purchase many patterns of wigs that you can change with your bed linen and will complement well. 


How should you clean the rug?


Firstly, you should read the instructions given on the rug. We can help you with essential guidance. You can use a shampoo for washing and should air dry it. If you don’t want to wash, you can use a dry cleaner like a vacuum pump to absorb all the dust. Do not use dry heat or sharp objects to clean because they can damage the rug’s fibres. 


Buy a bedside rug online. 


You can select a rug based on colour, shape, style and pattern preference. The colour should blend with the other furnishings of the room. Also, the carpet dimensions are essential so purchase after measuring your bed length and width. The Bedside Runners size should fit on the sides or foot of the bed. 


You can browse the collection of WallMantra and choose based on your necessity. We assure you will find some eye-catching designs that will make the interiors very cheerful.  

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