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Pour In Place Rubber – A Fantastic Way To Keep Your Play Area Safe

by jasonwaltor

Are you searching for a playground surface that will be attractive, easy to use, safe, and require minimal maintenance? According to Creative Recreational Systems, poured-in-place playground surfacing is a fantastic way to keep your play area safe. For ultimate safety, this product’s small rubber particles are place in two layers. The bottom layer of the pour in place rubber surface is forme of thicker rubber scraps that act as shock absorbers, while the top layer is a color layer made of EPDM particles.

Communities wishing to save on maintenance costs and other long-term expenses may find this form of surfacing to be a more alluring alternative. Poured-in-place playground surfacing does not need to be raked and refilled like mulch, sand, and loose-fill rubber do.

Long-term safety, ADA accessibility, and a wide variety of unusual color and design . Options are all provide by the poured-in-place alternative. For many years to come, a poured rubber playground surface can be a much-appreciate . Addition to a neighborhood park, playground, or family-friendly area.

Features of the Rubber Playground Surface

Accessible: In addition to helping you create a fun environment for everyone; our pour-in-place rubber complies with ADA regulations and is wheelchair-accessible.

Customizable: A rubber playground surface that has been poured in situ can be purchased in a variety of colors, offering countless design options.

Versatile: This surface covering can be modifie to fit practically any area, regardless of shape. Both indoor and outdoor play areas can use it.

Safe: The two-layered, poured-in-place playground flooring guards against falls of up to 12 feet for kids.

Affordable: Because it avoids many of the maintenance expenditures associated with other types of safety surfaces, the cost of poured rubber playground surfaces is relatively low over the long run.

Long-Lasting, Eco-Friendly Playground Surface Options

Poured-in-place is a long-lasting, eco-friendly playground surface option that can provide you with everything you need in a safety surface. There are various choices for poured rubber in aquatic areas.

Recycled Bonded Rubber

A polyurethane glue and clean, 100% recycled tyre shreds are use to create the appealing, wire-free surface known as “bonded rubber.” The robust, smooth, and eco-friendly surface of this one-layer solution is installe and towele by hand.

Loose-Fill Surfacing

When maintained appropriately, loose-fill surfacing complies with the basic ASTM criteria. Along with the recommended wear mats for displacement protection, accessories are offere to help with water drainage and weed management.

A type of loose-fill surfacing known as loose-fill rubber employs chunks of rubber made entirely from recycle tyre rubber. It is pristine, free of wires, harmless, and does not contaminate groundwater.

Another option is Engineered Wood Fiber (EWF), which is made up of manufacture softwoods and hardwoods with an average length of 1″ to 2″ and a maximum of 15% fine particles to help with compaction. There is no paint, chemicals, or additives in this non-toxic surfacing choice.

How Much Does Rubber Surfacing Poured in Place Cost?

The size of the area, the state of the current surface, and the require fall height are a few of the criteria that will affect the cost of poured-in-place surfacing. To find out how much your project will cost per square foot, request a free quote.

Why Purchase a Rubber Playground Flooring of Poured Rubber Here?

Our two-layer poured-in-place rubber surfacing has been a favorite with many of our clients owing to its sustainability, safety, and durability, even though we have a wide variety of commercial-grade playground surfacing solutions available for purchase. The design options for this poured-in-place rubber product are endless; this kind of material can even be fashion to coordinate with the rest of your playground equipment!

Making a purchase of poured rubber playground surfacing and working with Creative Recreational Systems are wise decisions. Our affordable prices, excellent installation, and first-rate service set us apart from the competition because we are play experts. We are dedicated to meeting all of your requirements for a recreational space as an industry leader. From the platform to the attenuating surface, we wish to offer a comprehensive service. We have the largest range on the market and carry the most popular safety surfaces. Please feel free to call us right away, complete our online form, or look for a local representative if you have any questions about our poured-in-place surfacing. Before you purchase pour-in-place rubber playground flooring, we’ll want to talk about the playground you currently have at your park, school, or other venue and how this poured playground surface can best fulfill your needs. Get a free estimate right now!

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