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Pink Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp

by BeingHealthySalt
Himalayan Rock Salt

In today’s era everyone is looking for something unique for the home décor. You will shock after knowing that Himalayan Rock Salt is used for home décor from decades. Yes, I know you are thinking that Salt is used only for cooking but in today’s article you will get to know about some secret facts about Pink Himalayan Rock Salt.

Benifits of Himalayan Rock Salt:

If you are that kind of person who is health conscious, believe in Vastu Shastra then you should get a Himalayan Salt Lamp. It is said that salt have its own benefits. I can bet no one know that salt can be used as a home décor with some health and wealth benefits. Science also claims that Pink Himalayan Rock Saltimproves the air quality, make your mood good, help people from asthma and much more.
The salt which is used in this lamp comes from a particular stretch of Himalayas, which is spread in the area around 1500 miles across India, China and Pakistan. But particularly this salt is mainly found in a Khewra Salt Mine in Pakistan. This salt is found in reddish, pink and off white color.
Today making a copy of this salt is easy, so there are many fake or copy products which are sold in market everyday. If, you want to buy original Pink Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp then Being Healthy Salt is the best place for you.

How Himalayan Salt Lamp Works?

It is claimed that this lamp works in two ways:

  • Pull in particles
  • Possibly release negative ions

Pull in Particles in Himalayan Rock Salt:

This basically attract the negative energy, allergens, pollutants on the surface etc.

Possibly release negative ions Himalayan Rock Salt:

Himalayan salt lamps evidently produce adversely charged ions while water molecules from the air attract to — and then evaporate from — the cordiality of its surface. Those who consider in the health benefits of these lamps give negative ions much of the credit.

Claims about Himalayan Rock Salt

Some studies claimed that benefits of negative ions, the evidence that salt lamp mend health is lacking.

Mood and Sleep:

Some people believe that positive ions in the air increase the crackiness, anxiety and other unpleasant feelings. Science said that negative ions recover you from stress, depression or any other bad feeling.

Cleaning the air:

Negative ions are also helpful in cleaning the harmful particles in the air. Some scientists says that both negative and positive ions helps in killing germs. Some says that killing of germs in the air is due to some other reasons. There is no specific theory about air cleanliness.

Do Himalayan Salt Lamps have Health Benefits?

We can say that there is no harm of Himalayan Salt Lamp. If we will use it then we can get a good result but in long term. Its similar like growing a plant. If you will ask from me then I will definitely suggest you to buy at least one Himalayan Salt Lamp so that you can feel it’s positive vibes itself. If you want to buy Pink Himalayan Rock Salt then you can visit to because they are the best Pink Himalayan Rock Salt Exporter India . I hope you like this article and thanks for reading.

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