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Pest Control: Tips to avoid pests in neighboring communities

by scsgroup

Pest Control: Tips to avoid pests in neighboring communities. One of the most frequent concerns in neighborhood communities lies in being able to maintain an environment that is as healthy as possible and free of pests, not only in each home but also in common areas.

Old buildings, the presence of food or restaurant businesses, and the proximity of lakes and parks are the main risk factors.

Damp and dark spaces such as cellars, underground garages, and rooms where water pumps, light boxes, or elevators are located create the ideal conditions for undesirable tenants such as cockroaches, rodents, and ants, among other species, to nest in them, taking into account the risk that this entails, both materially and for health.

Pest risk factors


Naturally, old buildings present many more pest problems due to the state of conservation of their facilities (old pipes, cracks, old materials, light rooms, and old boilers…) and because of the difficulty of access for technicians.

But age is not the only factor or source of problems to take into account. Here are a few more:


In this sense, it is important to take into account the following factors:

  • The location of the farm (if it is near lakes, parks, areas with animals, the sea…),
  • The type of access to the house and the weak points of the property such as basements and garages.
  • Without forgetting the type of business that occupies the ground floors of the buildings. 

Service industry

A restaurant is a breeding ground for cockroaches, rodents, and ants; There they find a safe power source and, in addition, the cold rooms, ovens, and other machinery provide them with heat and ideal nooks and crannies for shelter.

In a food store, the entry of contaminated merchandise carrying a pest can cause an infestation that spreads to other areas of the farm.

The reforms or rehabilitation of premises and common areas of a building can also create ideal conditions for the appearance of certain bugs.

Although we must also bear in mind that the problem does not reside only in the lower part of the farms.

Rooftops are points that deserve special attention as they are sometimes difficult to access to apply prevention or extermination treatments.

The importance of pest prevention

Preventing and combating pests is a joint task that requires the involvement and collaboration of neighbors and the property service provider.

Keeping the facilities checked, in good condition, as well as all the spaces ventilated and clean of food remains and garbage are essential measures for pest control.

But just as important is having a specialized reference company that offers an adequate pest control service.

This service allows a prevention task that can save important health problems, as well as savings for the community in repairs as a result of the affectation of different pests:

  • Animals such as rodents and termites can damage everything from cables to wooden structures.
  • Pigeons, swallows and wasps are devoted to rooftops, where they usually make a nest, causing serious damage to property and also to health (stings, the transmission of diseases by bacteria carried by excrement…). 

Fluid communication with the property manager or the community of neighbors and the coordination of a specialized company is the most reliable and safest option to deal with the problem of pests.

This fact will allow the technicians to carry out the necessary revisions, taking into account all the factors in play. 

In this way, the appropriate treatments can be applied to prevent the appearance of pests or provide tailored solutions to put an end to damages that may arise, in a more efficient and environmentally friendly way.


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