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Payment Gateway Integration

Payment Gateway Integration For Your eCommerce Website

by Instantcharge

In this digital era, online payment gateway integration is crucial because receiving online payments is not easy for merchants. But nearly all businesses have started accepting payments online because online shopping is growing faster. Most merchants are attempting to make the experience of shopping more flexible, and secure by marketing and also showcasing right to the payments.

So the online payment gateway integration in eCommerce keeps online transactions secure and also makes customers happy by providing them with multiple payment methods.

Most merchants are going to accept payments online. So they can go for an online payment gateway integration and a payment gateway is a feature that allows merchants to accept payments online and it also acts as a mediator between your website and a payment provider/card association. It performs authorization and then processes online payments.

Let us explore how the Payment Gateway works

Nowadays, choosing a payment gateway that is suitable for your business requirements and getting along with the infrastructure is a critical task.

So this is the guide for choosing a suitable payment gateway for your business when you are choosing a payment gateway is the kind of online payment gateway integration. Selecting the online payment gateway integration can be tricky. But let us explore some factors about different types of payment gateway integrations and also the functionalities they provide. While these integration types also need maintenance and support.

So after selecting a payment gateway. And that will be suitable for your business type. You will have to consider which payment integration will help you out.

How can payment gateway integration take place on an eCommerce website?

After choosing the payment gateway and registering up. So you can integrate it into an online website by the following procedures.

  • Get your eCommerce website – Most online merchants will use third-party software. And to establish an online eCommerce store for their consumers. And that is a reusable software part. That is built to spread freely. It can be sold by an organization. But other than the original merchant of the development payment platform.
  • Add payment modes – The process of this step will vary from solution to solution. But generally, you will have to provide your payment gateway details. For every method of payment, you like to receive. And it also specifies which credit cards will be received.
  • Test the payment gateway – You will require to test the accounts with your payment gateway solution. And that enables you to operate fake online payments. And assure that the payment gateway is perfectly functioning. Ensure to test before getting your online eCommerce store live.

And if you have finished the above measures. And the payment gateway initiates functioning perfectly with the test ID. The payment gateway service provider can incorporate to make the payment gateway live. And the website will be receiving credit cards and debit cards. Also net banking payments on the eCommerce website.

Benefits of an Online Payment Gateway

Payment gateways provide a wealth of advantages for eCommerce businesses that accept credit and debit cards:

  • Clarity – Payment gateways can streamline essential payment processing functions so you can focus on your online business
  • Safety – Payment gateways often comprise security features like encryption and tokenization. That assists in protecting your business by managing revealed payment data secure
  • Cost-effectiveness – Payment gateways often provide suitable turnkey payments with low, transparent charges.
  • Flexibility – Payment gateways also often provide businesses with comfortable choices. And to connect to their credit card processor of their preference actually to numerous payment processors at the same time

These are some types of online payment gateway integration.

  • Hosted online payment gateway integration – In this kind of online payment gateway integration, the customer turns to a secure payment page and this payment page is hosted by a payment service provider. So here payment gateway acts as a third party. When a customer wants to leave the merchant’s website to complete the payment then it redirects the buyer to the payment page. The customer has to enter the payment details on that page and then process the payment.

When the purchase is completed, the customer gets redirected back to the merchant’s website and they are done with the checkout process.

However, hosted payment gateways are easy to set up and are customized. So all the payment processing is handled by the payment service provider who delivers the hosted payment page.

For the security concern of transactions, the merchant requires to choose a PCI DSS-compliant payment service provider. Most online payment service providers are PCI DSS compliant along with delivering fraud prevention.

  • Self-hosted online payment gateway integration. If a merchant desires to maintain the whole checkout experience and payments as well. Then he can go for a self-hosted online payment gateway integration. This type of integration will enable accepting online payments from customers without exiting their shopping webpage.

This is a personalized online payment gateway integration from the customer’s point of view. It is suitable because the complete payment process performs on a single webpage. But executing checkout and payment at one place. Then the problem occurs when the system fails. So the merchant has more command over the checkout process with self-hosted online payment gateway integration. The merchant has more duties for security measures to safeguard cardholder’s data.

API or non-hosted online payment gateway integration.

Non-hosted online payment gateway integration will authorize customers to enter their payment information directly on the checkout page and then online payment processes using APIs.

Merchants have a complete grip over the payment page user interface and it does not include redirection. Non-hosted online payment gateway integration provides customers a complete one-page checkout experience. Again with this type of integration the responsibility of PCI DSS, SSL certification, and the security of customers’ data falls on the merchant.

Every online payment gateway integrations work differently. So here are some main characteristics that you should consider when selecting a suitable payment gateway type.

  • Transaction fees are assessed with a payment gateway.
  • The procedure of signing up for a payment gateway.
  • Multi-currency acceptance.
  • Rules & Regulations of a payment gateway.
  • Kind of service a payment gateway helps for selling.
  • Review for received payment methods like cards, wallets, net banking, etc.
  • Review what details a payment gateway requires to fill in by the customers.


InstantCharge will deliver you all kinds of payment gateway integration. You can ask anything regarding payment gateway services and can avail yourself of the benefits of the best payment gateway services.

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