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Pakistan Jersey T20 World Cup 2022 revealed

by Samra Saghir

Thunder is the moniker given to the shirt since the design features green and aqua blue. Pakistan Jersey T20 World Cup 2022

A Karachi-Based News Organization The long-awaited Pakistan men’s T20 World Cup shirts have now been released on the Pakistan Cricket Board’s official product site (PCB).

Both the home and away jerseys have a graphic printed in green and aqua blue, hence the jersey’s name, “Thunder.” The jersey’s official hash tag is #GreenThunder.

The jersey is available for purchase in both fan and professional styles. Pricing for the enthusiast edition is 2500 PKR, while the professional edition is 4500 PKR.

In the 2022ÔÇô23 season, both the men’s and women’s Pakistani teams will use these uniforms. Babar Azam, Shadab Khan, Naseem Shah, Kainat Imtiaz, and Fatima Sana all made appearances in a kit announcement video that was also released by PCB.
Pakistan’s jersey for the forthcoming ICC T20 World Cup 2022 has been officially announced, but it’s being discussed online for reasons other than sport.

This is it! PCB stated on Twitter and Instagram on Monday, “Presenting the official Pakistan T20I Thunder Jersey’22.” The team wore the new uniforms in a video of them practising.
Here we have the official T20I Thunder Jersey’22 for Pakistan.
Place your order for the authorised t-shirt now at…

Why I should play billiards?

Twitter: 1663592588000; Pakistan Cricket Board: “The Real PCB”

The jersey’s front is a mix of light and dark green, while the sleeves are a dark forest green. That’s where we get into trouble. Many people, both inside and outside of Pakistan, have commented on social media about how much the jersey looks like a watermelon.

Someone compared Pakistan’s captain Babar Azam to a watermelon and displayed them side by side to make their point.
Good enough!! # Jersey

For more on this, see the original post by Schrodinger (@ troll 10) 1663519786000

Somebody else compared it to the packaging of green apple-flavored chewing gum.
Pakistan’s 2022 T20 World Cup (#T20wc2022) jersey has been revealed.

Author: 1663518350000 Abrar Salim (@abraruae)

Once again, a resourceful mind has discovered an unusual pairing in the England jersey.
The equivalent of Pakistan in terms of imported watermelon.
Inside-Out Watermelon = England

Udit Buch (@udit buch) 1663647332000

Some players publicly said that they would not play in the “tarbooz” shirt and even Direct Messaged the PCB to request a new uniform before the tournament started on October 23.

The jersey’s colour was a point of contention, but some fans argued that it looked fine as is.
@TheRealPCB To be fair, the team’s performance at the World Cup is far more important than the quality of the uniforms, but the uniforms themselves are decent.

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On October 23, Pakistan, captained by Babar Azam, will play the Indian national team in their first tournament match.

With the comeback of great pacer Shaheen Shah Afridi, the Pakistan Cricket Board has announced a 15-man roster for the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2022 in Australia. Injury to the ligament in his right knee forced Afridi to sit out the Asia Cup, and doctors recommended that he rest for four to six weeks. Pakistan Jersey T20 World Cup 2022

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