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Overview of Indian hair extension

Indian hair extensions

by Especially Yours

A wide variety of grades, origins and hair qualities are available on the market. Let’s examine how well-known Indian hair extension has become and what aspect draws clients from around the world.

Definition of Indian hair extension

The beauty industry holds Indian hair extensions in high regard since they are made from high-quality hair. Donations of hair are made in temples in India as a component of spiritual ceremonies. Without any prospect of financial reward, those taking part in this ritual do so voluntarily as a sacrifice to the presiding deity. The temple management then sells the hair collected to manufacturers of hair extensions in India. The community involved in the procedure benefits financially from selling shaved hair.

Indian hair extensions are smooth, light, complete, and simple to style. This haircut is for you if you want a natural wave style. Indian hair is well-liked because it doesn’t tangle, shed quickly, or lose its inherently wavy appearance.

Feature of Indian hair extension

Let’s examine some characteristics of Indian hair and hair extensions so that you may gain more insight into your hair business.

In terms of quality

The hair is then repeatedly combed to make it smoother, separated into strands of varying lengths, brushed once more, and tied into bundles. Removing the black pigmentation from premium hair without gradually harming the cuticles is submerged in an absorbent solution. To kill bacteria, poorer hair is washed in acid. In India, permed hair extensions are made by drying Indian hair extensions, wrapping them around specialized rods, and placing them in a big oven set to 240 degrees Celsius.

Hair extensions from India are occasionally combined with shavings from goat or horse skin to ease the market. In other cases, synthetic hair derived from acrylic fibers is also used but is nonetheless marketed as “genuine hair.”

In terms of price

These so-called “black gold” hair are first messy, washed, bleached, colored for color treatment, or baked to make curly hair. The majority of the world’s exports of Indian hair go to Europe. For the chance to own a hair, many consumers are willing to pay up to 1,500 USD, or 34 million VND. The result is that the Indian hair extension market generates millions annually. You can also use Indian hair to create men’s fake mustaches, not just long, silky hair. Indian hair has just surpassed hair derived from acrylic synthetic fibers as the market’s most valuable product for wigs.

In terms of origin 

Indian ladies are renowned for having naturally curly, long hair that is also thick and smooth. As a result, Indian hair extensions are highly sought after by customers worldwide and have even been given the nickname “black gold.” The primary source of supply for this item is India’s annual hair donation ceremony, which draws tens of thousands of visitors annually.

Long lines of Indians waited to have their hair shaved from 4 am till sundown. At the temples, hair is offered as a form of respect and good luck. Then, Indian hair extensions will be gathered and sold at auction to wig makers. From this point on, hair will be processed in factories to produce products of the most excellent caliber for the market.


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