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Numerology Life Path 6 Compatibility

by astroved

People with 6 as their life path number are the most caring and nurturing individuals; they have mother-like characteristics and care for their people. They protect their loved ones and always try to maintain harmony in the family. These people are inclined toward their family and emotions more than material gains.

6 is a giver who gives so much in a relationship, but they also expect some of it in return. That is why when a partner cannot take care of a 6; there might be distress in the relationship. Let’s see how compatible 6 is with every other number.

Life Path 6 and 1 compatibility

These will be the best match among all numbers as they will be highly compatible. Their relationship will be the most harmonious one. 6 loves with all their heart and loyalty, whereas 1 provides the security and safety that 6 craves. Hence it will feel like they are made for each other.

However, 1 might be fast sometimes, and they don’t like being weak. 6 is forgiving and sacrificing. This will be a long-term relationship if they both understand and accept their differences.

Life Path 6 and 2 compatibility

Another powerful combination where both have a lot of love and emotions. 2 is a very sensitive number, and they have all emotional forces. 6 cares and protects in the best way, but 6 should also remember not to clutter the space with so much love and attention. Both love without any limits when they are with someone, but in other matters, they might be the opposite.

2 might become needy and jealous sometimes; if 6 gives their time and attention to someone else, 2 might not like it. Luckily there are not many differences, and their relationship can have a strong foundation.

Life Path 6 and 3 compatibility

Another number compatible with 6 is 3. 3 is more of a social person, and they infuse life wherever they go. 6 is the carrier of warmth and love. 6 will be a loyal and nurturing partner, and 3 will make them more playful, but 3 may sometimes be less patient and impulsive.

Since 6 gives love without limits, they might smother 3 with so much love and care. 3 might also not be as deeply involved in the relationship as a 6. 3 might feel a lack of freedom, and they might fight for their space. Hence 6 should leave some room to let 3 breathe, then it will go fine.

Life Path 6 and 4 compatibility

Generally, these two numbers will not feel attracted to each other, even if they have a lot in common. However, if they love each other and are in a relationship, they might become an inseparable duo.

There will be conflicts since 4 is more about control and structure, and 6 is all about forgiveness. 4 might be rigid, and 6 might be too soft, hurting 6 sometimes.

Life Path 6 and 5 compatibility

5 is freedom-loving and courageous. Numerology Number 6 is stable and has their own strengths. 5 will love 6 for these characters, and 6 will love 5 for being courageous and liberated. So 6 will be 5’s home, their anchor, and 5 will be 6’s ticket to grow. In the beginning, there might be distrust, so it might not be love at first sight.

However, if these two numbers are in a relationship, there will be a lot of spark, sensual feelings, sex, and a strong attraction. There will also be some problems, such as 6 will not understand why 5 has to be so social. However, if they accept each other’s differences, they can last for a lifetime.

Life Path 6 and 6 compatibility

Two 6s will live an extremely harmonious romantic life. It is the opposite of other numbers, which don’t function well with the same number. Two 6s will have a strong and committed relationship where they dedicate themselves to each other.

However, they should leave space for each other and not fill everything with love and care. Otherwise, they will become co-dependant which might hamper their personal growth.

Life Path 6 and 7 compatibility

This would be a love-hate relationship where they will have to maintain balance, or the relationship will be doomed. This is because 6 is more loving and caring, whereas 7 is more practical, secretive, and does not involve much in emotions. This will keep 7 always at a distance, and the same might hurt 6.

6 should not get too emotional and dependant on the relationship, and 7 should not be aloof and should be ready to express their vulnerable side to their partner. 6 will need reassurances, and 7 should provide them enough.

Life Path 6 and 8 compatibility

Both are responsible signs, but both have responsibilities in different directions. 6 is more dedicated toward family and friends, whereas 8 is more toward their goals and ambition. Both should not dominate each other or there might be conflicts. 6 should not become a victim by taking any burden from 8, and they should not make 8 feel guilty or powerless. Balance is important here; otherwise, both will frustrate and separate.

Life Path 6 and 9 compatibility

6 and 9 Compatibility will work well since they both tend to sacrifice themselves for the happiness of others. They both will understand each other’s spiritual and emotional needs. They will become each other’s support in tough times.

They will love strongly, but they should also control their dark sides. Such as 9 should not become arrogant and 6 should not criticize over small things.

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