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Methods, advantages, and disadvantages of Ashtanga Namaskar

by Shrishti khairwal

Ashtanga Namaskar is a special yoga pose and is considered one of the major parts of Surya Namaskar. This is a simple yoga pose that even beginners can do after a little practice. It has many health benefits, however, it is very important to do it with the right technique. Ashtanga Namaskar gives adequate stretch to the muscles of the neck, back, and shoulders and also reduces the pain in these parts. In this yoga posture, eight parts of the body rest on the ground and because it is a part of Surya Namaskar, it was named Ashtanga Namaskar. In English, it is known as Eight Limbed pose or Caterpillar pose. Through Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh, you can learn yoga and get complete information about yoga.


Benefits of Eight-Limbed pose:

If Eight Limbed pose is practiced with the right technique and taking special precautions, it can provide the following health benefits –


1. Eight Limbed pose brings flexibility to muscles

Practicing Eight Limbed pose stretches the muscles and increases their flexibility. This yoga practice can be very beneficial for those who have had the problem of stiffness in parts of the body.


2. Improves all parts of the body

Ashtanga Namaskar is a special yoga posture, which has a positive effect on almost all the organs of the body. Due to this, the organs start working effectively and the muscles around them also remain flexible.


3. Ashtanga Namaskar strengthens the spine

Ashtanga Namaskar can be a very beneficial posture for those who have problems related to the spine. Practicing this yoga posture regularly strengthens the spine.


4. Ashtanga Namaskar improves mental health

Ashtanga Namaskar helps in treating many problems related to mental health. Problems like anxiety and stress can be cured by practicing Ashtanga Namaskar regularly.


However, the health benefits derived from Eight Limbed pose largely depend on the method of yoga asana and the health status of the practitioner.


Method of doing Ashtanga Namaskar:

If you are going to practice Eight Limbed pose for the first time, then you can make this yoga pose in the following way –


1 – First of all spread the mat on flat ground and lie down on it on your stomach.

Taking a deep breath, bring the palms near the ribs and place them on the ground.

3 – Now keep the toes and knees on the ground and lift the hips in the air

4 – Keep the chest and chin on the ground and lift the stomach in the air while emphasizing the palms.

Maintain this yoga posture as long as you can and then slowly come back to the normal posture. If you have any queries related to this, talk to the yoga instructor about it.


Precautions during Ashtanga Namaskar:

Keep the following things in mind while practicing Eight Limbed pose –


  • Do not allow excessive strain on any part of the body
  • keep the shape of both hands the same
  • don’t let your stomach touch the ground
  • do not strain the neck


When not to do Ashtanga Namaskar:

People suffering from the following health problems should consult a doctor before practicing the Eight Limbed pose –

  • severe pain or bruising in any part of the body
  • high or low BP
  • respiratory or heart disease
  • menstruation or pregnancy

Apart from this, if you have been taking any medicine for a long time or you have a chronic disease, then also take permission from the doctor before starting a yoga practice.

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