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Metabolic Conditioning Workouts for MMA Fighters

by johnwick52116162

The world’s best athletes are those that compete in MMA combat sports. MMA fighting is always intense, and one slip-up can spell defeat.

No matter how crucial skill development is, they are useless if you lack the strength and conditioning to employ your skills.

The ultimate goal of training for power, explosiveness, strength, speed, agility, and muscular endurance is to achieve peak total physical condition.

Workouts for metabolic conditioning rise up to the plate and provide a solution to this situation. So, get your MMA training equipment ready as we dive deep into the subject of how to conduct an effective metabolic workout session.

What is Metabolic Work Out?

Exercises used in metabolic conditioning or MetCon workouts cause the body to continue burning calories long after the session ends. They often require your complete body and little respite. They are made to test your physical limits as you develop strength and endurance while toning your body. The exercises listed below are some of the most difficult workouts on earth. Thus, your general conditioning will quickly improve.

However, first, we will settle on the ideal frequency and time duration for the workout session.

  • Duration: 41-42 minutes
  • Frequency: once -thrice per week
  • Type: Strength training
  • Intensity: High
  • Repetitions and rest: As many as possible in 60 seconds, with no more rest than 15 seconds in between.

The subsequent MetCon exercises combine several burpee versions with strength, plyometric, core, and abdominal exercises. Ten exercises make up each circuit, five of which are burpee variations and five are strength exercises.

Utilizing your bodyweight and MMA training equipment, such as medicine and stability balls, resistance bands, sandbags, and other bodyweight exercises, these metabolic circuits will help you increase your metabolism, burn fat, and increase your general work capacity.

As a result, you get a strong, lean, and ripped body which is beneficial even if you are not an MMA fighter.

Finally, metabolic circuits will put you to your physical and mental limitations.

MetCon Instructions

Warm up before the exercises and stretch afterward.


Since metabolic training is tough, your body needs more downtime between sessions. Plan to start with two metabolic workouts per week and increase when you notice your recovery time getting shorter. Remember that many exercises you already perform as part of your boxing or kickboxing training are regarded as metabolic conditioning.

It’s time to try out an exercise for metabolic conditioning now!

10-Minute Metabolic Kickboxing Workout

Four (4) rounds of two minutes each make up the brief yet hard 10-minute metabolic kickboxing workout. If you’re up for a lengthier burn, you can repeat all four rounds once.

1 Minute Warm Up

  • 30 seconds Jumping Jack
  • 30 Seconds Arm Rolls

Round 1:

  • 1 jab, 1 cross, 2 front kicks for 30 seconds
  1. Begin with a rapid jab-cross as a punch combo
  2. Follow the combo with a powerful front kick
  3. Continue for 30 seconds
  • Reverse Lunge and Knee Lift for 30 seconds
  1. Stand up with your arms at your sides.
  2. Go to the lunge position with your left leg bent, bringing your right leg behind you.
  3. Lower the right knee closest to the floor but avoid making contact.
  4. Bring your right knee towards your chest, returning to a standing position.
  5. Repeat the exercise with an alternate leg.
  6. Continue repeating and alternating for 30 seconds.
  7. For additional challenges, hold a kettlebell in your hands at chest level. You can also hold dumbbells in each hand at your sides.
  • Repeat
  1. Rest for 30 seconds before repetitions

Round 2:

  • 3 Lead and Rear Hook– 4 Rear Kicks for 30 seconds
  1. Begin with a lead and then rear hook in a 3 combo.
  2. Add a powerful rear kick.
  3. Continue the round for 30 seconds.
  • Burpees and push-ups (30 seconds)
  1. Stand and bend at the hip, placing your palms on the floor
  2. Push back your back feet with a jump to go into a plank position
  3. Do a push-up
  4. Push both feet forwards with a jump, bring your feet towards your hands
  5. Return to a standing stance
  6. Continue the round for 30 seconds
  • Repeat
  1. Rest for 30 seconds before repetitions

Round 3:

  • Straight punches- lead knee and front kick for 30 seconds
  1. Begin with four rapid straight punches
  2. Drive your knee upwards as if you are targeting your opponent’s torso
  3. Add a powerful front kick
  4. Continue the round for 30 seconds
  • Tricep Dips for 30 seconds
  1. Stand with your back to a low table or chair.
  2. Carefully take your arms behind you and place the heels of your palms on the edge to support your chest and torso.
  3. Extend your legs, so only your heels are touching the floor.
  4. Keep your hips elevated.
  5. Bend your elbows and lower your body as down as you can go.
  6. Slowly lift back your body, straightening your arms again.
  7. Continue the rounds for 30 seconds.
  8. For additional challenges, alternate each dip by lifting one leg.
  • . Repeat
  1. Rest for 30 seconds before repetitions

Round 4:

  • Jab – 2 Lead Kick – Cross – Rear Hook – 4 Rear Kick (30 seconds)
  1. Throw a jab punch on face level
  2. Add a lead kick
  3. Throw a rapid cross in combination with a rear hook (2 – 4)
  4. Finish with a full-body rear kick
  5. Continue for 30 seconds
  6. Add some spin to your last rear kick for additional challenges, enhancing your balance.
  • Knees to Elbows for 30 seconds
  1. Begin with a high plank position
  2. Touch your right elbow with your knee, bringing the knee forward without lowering your elbow.
  3. Hold for a couple of seconds
  4. Ge back to plank position
  5. Repeat the round with an alternate knee
  6. Continue the round by alternating the knees for 30 seconds.

Cool Down (1 min)

  • Shoulder Stretch for 30 seconds
  1. Outstretch your right arm and bring it across your chest
  2. Pull it closer with the left arm, exerting the stretch in the right shoulder
  3. Go for 15 seconds holding this position
  4. Switch the round with your left arm
  • Standing Hamstring Stretch for 15 seconds.
  1. Stand with your feet hip-width apart.
  2. Wrap your arms over the backs of your calves as you squat down at the hips.
  3. Hold for 15 seconds

If you can’t accomplish this, just let your body hang and unwind with your arms extended toward your toes. Then, hug your legs to feel the stretch in your hamstrings, glutes, and back while allowing your head and neck to unwind.

  • Cobra Stretch for 15 seconds
  1. Beginning on your stomach, extend your legs behind you, and plant your feet firmly into the ground.
  2. Keep pressing the tops of your feet into the ground while utilizing your quadriceps.
  3. Set your wrists under your elbows and place your hands under your lower ribs.
  4. Rotate your shoulders down your back, elevate your chest, and hug your elbows into your sides.
  5. Through your collarbones, spread
  6. Soften your glutes, keep your spine long, stretch your neck, and look ahead.
  7. For 15 seconds, hold.
  8. Release gradually to the mat.

Since metabolic exercises are meant to be challenging, incorporating some yoga poses for boxers into your cool-down practice is a terrific way to relieve any stress that may have remained in your body. Also, make sure to feed your body lots of lean protein to support muscle recovery and growth. Remember that providing your body with the correct fuel is essential to increasing metabolism!


For effective boxing and kickboxing drills and strength training, get your MMA training equipment from StarPro Combat. The variety of gear and equipment will motivate you to crush your fitness goals at home or at the gym MMA program.

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