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Makeup artist course in Chandigarh

Makeup artist course in Chandigarh

by Lisagoel

Qualifications, Skills, and Future Potential Required for a Makeup Artist Job

Some people who like makeup or are interested in makeup may want to become makeup artists.

What is the job description and salary of a makeup artist?

A make-up artist is someone who applies make-up to people. Since it is often applied to models and celebrities, there is no fixed workplace, and they go to the shooting site to work.

Even if you say makeup in one word, in addition to normal face makeup, there are various types, such as special makeup and hair makeup. It is necessary to apply makeup that matches the concept of the shooting, such as in TV, movies, magazines, and commercials. Knowledge of cosmetics, skin, hair, bone structure, etc., is required, as well as the technical ability to handle any taste. In addition, limited shooting time, speed is also required, and above all, the sense of fully drawing out the charm of the model is required.

In addition to the above entertainment world, there are places where makeup artists are active. Typical examples include makeup for brides and grooms at weddings and medical makeup to hide scars. Nowadays, there are an increasing number of occupations called BAs (Beauty Advisors) who apply makeup to general customers at cosmetics departments such as department stores and sell branded cosmetics.

Types of makeup jobs

Some of the jobs that makeup artists do include:

Magazines and publications

They apply make-up to models and celebrities who appear in fashion magazines and photo books. In the case of fashion magazines that publish seasonal information, the purpose is to disseminate trends, so cutting-edge knowledge and skills are required. Therefore, it can be said that it is a job done by a top-class makeup artist. It is important to be able to respond to the situation on the spot flexibly.

Cosmetics manufacturers

Some foreign-affiliated manufacturers and major domestic manufacturers employ makeup artists exclusively, and they also work on promotions for the manufacturers. New products are often promoted, so not only technology but also communication skills are required.

Salon type

Besides beauty salons, there are also salons that do hair and make-up for coming-of-age ceremonies and for brides at weddings. It is no exaggeration to say that the makeup artist’s abilities are tested the most.


Makeup artist jobs include specialty makeup and makeup therapy. Special makeup is familiar from movies, dramas, stage performances, etc., but as the name suggests, makeup therapy is a folk remedy using makeup. For example, by applying makeup to elderly people, they aim to make them happy, increase opportunities to go out and increase social connections.

Makeup artist career

As a general career to become a make-up artist, after acquiring skills at a beauty vocational school or from a certified makeup artist course, many people gain experience as an assistant to a hair and make-up agency or a famous artist.

In addition, there are many people who work as freelance artists while teaching at make-up schools. Many people reach a milestone in their careers in their mid-thirties. Some people feel the limit and change careers to sales or beauty staff at manufacturers.

How to become a makeup artist? Do I need qualifications?

The main way to become a makeup artist is to get a job at a beauty production company. It often takes several years of experience before you can actually work as a model, so at first, you often work as an assistant to someone who is active on the front lines.

In order to get a job as a make-up artist, it is necessary to acquire knowledge and basic skills at a makeup artist course in Chandigarh. If you learn not only general makeup but also special makeup at this time, it will be advantageous because it will expand your future employment opportunities.

Also, no special qualifications are required for this job. However, since it is a profession that requires specialized skills, it is important to attend the best makeup artist course in Chandigarh to learn them.

Recently, there are many make-up artists who have obtained a beautician license, and more and more people are studying with a beautician license during their certified makeup artist course days. Being able to do both is a great strength; so many people seem to learn both in order to expand their work in the future.

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