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Main levers for sustainable logistics warehouses

by milan

Logistics is an essential link, whatever the nature of the products to be distributed: gas, energy, cars, computers, medicines, etc. In the commercial sector, it ensures the link between the production and the distribution of goods. Therefore, a company will always need a transport solution. The transport and logistics sector is a sector that has never stopped evolving. Today it is growing strongly, in particular due to the development of purchases via e-commerce.

A warehouse is an enclosed space, with high ceilings, without windows, but decorated with occasional skylights , occupied by racks of various heights . These places, by their operation (most of the time all year round 24 hours a day and 7 days a week), their use and their layout suppose a significant need for lighting .

Given the importance of the electricity consumption of this pole, the change to LED lighting makes it possible to achieve substantial energy savings .To maximize savings, it is also necessary to anticipate the locations of light points and their operating regime (regime linked to periods of warehouse activity – reduced lighting, lighting off at certain times, lighting coupled with motion detectors, etc.). You can get in touch with Best Transloading Services in Seattle.

The sustainable warehouse limits the use of air conditioning with the white roof effect

Logistics warehouses are made up of large spaces . They are therefore as difficult to heat as they are to cool . Few warehouses are air-conditioned, the overwhelming majority of air-conditioned warehouses are cold warehouses . The impact of air conditioning on their budget is a cursor to follow. Indeed, cold can represent more than half of the consumption of a temperature-controlled warehouse.

The stakes are therefore high for the sustainable warehouse of tomorrow.

A so- called cool roof is a solution that allows these warehouses to do more without air conditioning , to be more resistant to temperature variations and consume less energy . A building with a reflective roof can save up to 40% in air conditioning consumption.

A solution which allows both a gain on the bill and which makes it possible to align the objectives of the tertiary decree while reinforcing the resilience of the building in a context of global warming.

Insulate warehouses to make them sustainable

Most of the logistics buildings in operation are more than 10 years old and poorly equipped to withstand thermal stress . To tell the truth, there is a vast stock of warehouses which are not insulated and suffer from glaring thermal bridges .

The march to transform them into resilient warehouses is important. Owners and operators are today summoned by the tertiary decree to prove energy savings.

A sustainable warehouse: a link in efficient logistics

A warehouse is above all a place dedicated to optimization . We talk about supply chain is right, it is a succession of stages from order to delivery . Each step is optimized for the proper functioning of the entire chain.

A sustainable warehouse is a link in this chain, flows are also optimized there.  Each operation must be efficient, economical and valuable . For more sustainability and efficiency, optimizations take place on loading and unloading docks , in storage spaces and during order preparations , when making appointments, etc.

The avenues to be explored for greater sustainability and efficiency relate to the reduction of packaging and packaging waste , optimization of layouts (reduction of space and footprint), perfect control of entrances and exits for limit waiting on the docks , optimization of trucks and routes.

This requires good logistics management tools for both the warehouse and the logistics managers. These tools allow visibility on the flows for the members of the warehouse as well as for the customer and highlight the possible optimizations.


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