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Lina Morgana Cause Of Death Relationship Lady Gaga

by Brijbhansingh123

Lina Morgana was born January 11, 1989. She was an actress, well-known for Celebrity Ghost Stories (2008), You Rock, Let’s Roll (2008), Bla, Bl, and bla (1981). She died in New York on October 4, 2008.

Lina Morgana, a bright rising star, was beautiful. She was a singer with one of the most beautiful and unique voices in the world. Her voice was so beautiful and powerful that all who heard it were overwhelmed.

Lina was simply stunning. Lina was extraordinary with her bright eyes, smile and sparkle. She was bright and cheerful when she walked into any room. Her smile and laughter were infectious.

Lina, aged 19, died tragically on October 4, 2008. We will never forget Lina and her family.

Listen to her songs and please share the gift she left. You can share Lina’s page with your friends.

Childhood And Beginnings

Elina Mikhailovna Korogluyeva was a Russian-born child of divorced Russian immigrants. She was born in Russia on January 11, 1989. In 2005, she moved from Russia to Staten Island, a New York City borough, in order to get into music.

The First Steps (2007)

Rob Fusari from New Jersey brought her to the studio in 2007 to record some tracks. Lady Gaga was also present, and they shared Wunderland, a song that was never commercially released.

Lina Morgana was discovered dead in Graniteville, NY at the Staten Island New York Hotel. She was located just a few kilometers away from New York.

Witnesses claim that the 19 year old woman was seen dancing on the top of the building’s ten stories at the time. She fell off the roof at 11.20 AM.

Her aunt stated that she was soon to become Miss New York and that her album had been completed. She was three weeks away from Miss New York’s beauty contest. Her CD of songs was ready to be released. >>

Rob Fusari also gave thanks to Lina: “I had an honor of working with Lina. Producers can make their dreams come true when they meet such a talented artist in the studio. As a vocalist and as an individual. She is one of the rare talent people who doesn’t vanish too quickly. When she did so much, she was just 19 years of age. I was lucky to have had her as a friend, artist, and mentor. >> 3

Although The family dismiss the suicide theory, It is not something that the family wants to speculate on. Lina’s aunt wrote that Lina did not intend to die. We as a family don’t believe Lina killed herself. >>

Lina Morgana And Lady Gaga: Relationship

Fusari and Morgana each wrote between 10 and 11 songs, which seems to indicate that they were very close.

Morgana was, however, reported to have signed with a major label. She was also supposed to be featured in a MTV documentary about her. All of this was never to be.

It is obvious that something must have happened between 2007 and 2008. This was to shift the attention from Morgana to Lady Gaga.

Morgana or Gaga might have been the focus.

Morgana was actually an actual guest on Frank Coscia’s Staten Island show Who Do You Like TV? before her death. Sister Venus was in search of a singer.

She was offered the role. She performed for them for several more months before she died.

 Performing with Sister Venus in one of Coscia’s YouTube uploads seen Morgana. Morgana avoids the camera, and curls up out of the frame. She is dissociating herself from the people around.

Morgana had suffered from severe depression, which is likely. This is how she ended her life.

Theory 1: Lady Gaga holds Morgana’s heart.

Morgana’s mom, Morgana, stated in an interview that Lina’s soul was being held hostage by Lady Gaga. She would like her soul to be free.

She also said that Gaga spoke of a dark past. But Gaga had “everything in the world” and Lina was the one who seemed to have a troubled past.

Lina’s mother stated that Lina was a troubled child and would often talk about her tragic past.

Others believe Morgana may have died from psychic control by the Illuminati.     Read Also: Cuomo So Grabby

Theory 2: Lady Gaga killed Morgana.

Another conspiracy theory claims that Gaga killed Morgana. But, this theory is now proved false as Gaga was actually in Los Angeles when Morgana’s death occurred.

This is because Lady Gaga has not spoken publicly about Morgana’s passing.

Her death is very similar to the suicide attempt by Gaga in “Paparazzi”, a music clip that was released just one-year after Morgana’s death.

There were reports that  Dancing on the roof seen  her and that other people saw her take off. A report says that someone pushes her.

Gaga’s August 2009 reissue of The Fame support this theory. It was one year following Morgana’s death.

The Fame II, The Fame II’s second album was more popular than the reissued. It became The Fame’s best-selling album, selling 5.8million copies in 2010.

Lady Anna Morgan

Lady Gaga and Lina Morgana were partners in crime. They shared similar artistic visions. Lina Morgana passed away shortly after Lady Gaga reached the top. The fate of Lina was questioned by conspiracy theorists after Lady Gaga’s passing. They cited Lina’s family’s comments as well as the disturbing silence of the media.

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