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Let’s Brew A Coffee Shop App: Features, Tech Stack, & Cost

by navi

Here’re some basics of coffee brewing apps – How do they work, what do they offer and more. Have a Starbucks on me!

Coffee is one of the most widely loved beverages in the world, often a vital part of Danish and English culture. According to a famous Turkish proverb, “The coffee should be as black as hell, as strong as death and as sweet as love”. To-go cups at an Italian standing cafe or Greek outdoor cafe, with a thick brew, is an assemblage of chewy Turkish Toffee or a cookie or Baguettes – croissants with Cafe’s au Lait served in wide mugs to allow dunking. Coffee-serving cafes are a celebrated part of the Netherlands’ culture.

From the likes of Bakkie Toast, the Dutch Kaffe is enjoyed at any time of the day and is served alongside a cookie. It is sometimes brewed with cinnamon sticks and served in earthenware pots in Mexico, or served with salt or butter instead of sugar in Ethiopia. Melange coffee is an Austrian traditional drink, very similar to espresso and steamed milk topped with froth or whipped cream.

  • Türk Kahvesi – Turkey
  • Kaffee – Denmark
  • Café au Lait – France
  • Café Cubano – Cuba
  • Kahwa – Saudi Arabia
  • Kaffe – Netherlands
  • Irish Coffee – Ireland
  • Café de Olla – Mexico
  • Buna – Ethiopia
  • Mélange – Austria
  • Frappé – Greece
  • Kaffeost — Finland
  • Türk Kahvesi — Turkey
  • Yuanyang — Malaysia
  • Flat White — Australia
  • Frappé — Greece
  • Espresso Romano — Italy
  • Cà phê đá — Vietnam
  • Café de Olla — Mexico
  • Café Touba — Senegal
  • Cafezinho — Brazil
  • Cafe Bombon — Spain
  • Irish Coffee — Ireland
  • Wiener Mélange — Austria
  • Café au lait — France
  • Spiced coffee — Morocco
  • Café Cubano — Cuba
  • Pharisäer — Germany
  • Mazagran — Portugal
  • Qahwa — Saudi Arabia
  • Yuenyeung — Hong Kong

Different Ways People Drink Coffee Around The World

Greek frappe a frothy iced drink made out of Nescafe instant coffee, sugar, cold water, and evaporated milk is always a quick pick at the nearest Mc Donalds or your favourite coffee shop. People all over the world follow a very similar ritual as soon as they wake up – Wake up and grab a cup of piping hot coffee. It is the method of coffee preparation and sometimes the ingredients, the Americans probably wouldn’t consider lemon, pepper, and cheese appropriate java mix-ins, while it is trendy in other cultures.

Most Loved Coffee Flavours

  • Jamaica – Blue Mountain coffee
  • Kenya – AA Coffee
  • Guatemala – Antigua Coffee
  • Ethiopia – Yirgacheffee Coffee
  • Ethiopia – Harrar Coffee
  • Mocha – Java Coffee
  • Sulawesi – Toraja Coffee
  • Sumatra – Mandheling Coffee
  • Nicaragua – Coffee
  • Hawaii – Kona Coffee
  • Tanzania – Peaberry Coffee

Coffee Shop App Examples

  • Mocha Nut – Indonesia, Indiana
  • Rook Coffee – New Jersey
  • Mad Goat Coffee – Danville, Illinois
  • Kyle – Bederim, Queensland
  • Press Cafe – Odessa, Texas


  • Starbucks
  • Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf
  • Caffè Nero
  • Pret A Manger
  • Dunkin’ Donuts
  • Halsey’s Deli
  • Trading Post Coffee Roasters

How does a coffee shop work?

  1. Find a store
  2. Explore the Menu
  3. Place the order in-house or take it away
  4. Quick and Easy in-app payments
  5. Collect stars and earn rewards

What essential features should a coffee shop mobile app must have?

Coffee Apps must be clean and organized. It must make it easy for the customers to navigate. It must display the full menu and allow customers to order for pick up or dine in. The coffee store app must display a daily special offer that must rotate on a weekly basis. Let your customers see what is special on the menu each day. Showcase pictures of the coffee cafe’s ambience, daily check-ins, latest offerings, most loved coffee, most loved combo meals, most discounted things to be ordered, redeemable coupons and discount codes, what can be won along with coffee, special festive deals, and occasional celebrations at the cafe. Highlight how you are distinguishable from your competitors and why your customers have a reason to choose you. What your customers get if they select your coffee. Features to look out for:

  • Coffee Recipe – Mentioning all that they offer on their website.
  • Digital Menu – To showcase the available items on the menu with prices
  • Loyalty Programs – To reward their trusted employees
  • Push Notifications – To inform users about the latest offers
  • Slot Reservation – To book a table in time
  • E-Commerce Store – To enable users to shop for something to eat with their favourite coffee
  • Social Media – To enable users to share coupons, and pictures with their friends
  • Mobile order-ahead/Preordering coffee – Customers can order coffee wherever they are and pick it up at a later time.
  • Contactless Ordering – To allow sit-in customers to order and pay from their phones without interacting with coffee house staff.
  • Digital reward cards and coupons – It increases the chance of repeat purchases.
  • Table Service – To enable ordering coffee along with food online.
  • Mobile order and payments/Hassle-free payments – Within the app
  • Store Locator – GPS enabling
  • Now Playing – Order #
  • Gamification – with AI chatbots
  • Detailed Recipe – to entice customers to order more

What is Starbucks Cards?

Along with the rewards and loyalty program, Starbucks coffee house offers Starbucks Cards that act as cash cards. They can be refilled with money and can be scanned at the counter or online to buy coffee and snacks. It allows one customization on one handcrafted beverage. It is easy to register this card at INR 200 through rewards/index.html or on the Starbucks mobile app and use it to earn cashback stars.

How should top mobile app developers in India develop a coffee app?

Creating a coffee app is easy with all the listed features. It gets, even more, simpler if you get hold of an app builder to create a coffee app. Coffee app builders help in selecting the features you want and adding them to the app. Connect your website and social media profiles so that the software can pull data from these resources to populate the app. Mobile App Developers can customize the template and add any extra information required before publishing the app on both Google Play Store and the App store. Presence on both Android and iOS platforms ensures that the customers have complete access.

Tech Stack to Build a Coffee Shop App

  • Environment (Android): Android Studio
  • Environment (iOS): XCode
  • Programming Language (Android): Kotlin, Java, Javascript, Typescript
  • Programming Language (iOS): Objective C, Swift
  • Framework: Ionic, Apache Cordova, Nativescript

What should you do to take your app a notch up?

Establish a news feed and keep your customers informed of what’s going on at your coffee shop. If you have a new type of coffee available at your cafe, let your customers know about it. Encourage them to check it out, and remind them that your cafe is where they should go for refreshments. It can become a potential source of lead generation with your efficient promotional efforts.


Taste is a genuinely individual experience. It is affected by genetics, upbringing, taste buds, taste training, life experiences, home-cooked meal, foods that you have eaten, and mood and stress levels. While coffee connoisseurs relish their own flavours, they write based on their accustomed experiences. If that does not suit you, it is better to simply try different coffees and predict thereon.

No two coffee shops can be similar. Somewhere their offerings will differ. App design and functionality play a huge role, when people have to order real quick ahead of time, and do not have enough time to sit in or stand in the queue. If you are a top mobile app development company and are looking for more information on mobile apps for coffee shops, feel free to reach out!

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