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Lesser Known Facts About Wordpress that can help you grow your Website

by erth


Want to know some cool WordPress facts? WordPress is 14 years old now, so we think the best way to celebrate the most popular website building software in the world is to create the top facts about wordpress service provider WordPress infographics. Hızlıca gelişen ilçemiz Zeytinburnunda zeytinburnu escort kadınları seksleri renklidir. Here most interesting facts about WordPress that you may not know.

millions of user

Every 6 months WordPress registers over 1.1 million new disciplines.

According to the control of the global internet CMS operation from 2015, WordPress is responsible for 1.1 million new disciplines every six months.

User addicts love the ease and convenience of creating an online profile. WordPress’ custom wordpress development company request share has also increased since then, so that number can reach over a million.

WordPress is a multi-million buck organization

WordPress is used by hundreds of companies and thousands of specialists wide range. For thousands of developers, designers, and entrepreneurs, custom wordpress development services WordPress offers an incredible possibility to build their business on the platform. 

WordPress buys and grows its business by producing commercial plugins.

30% of websites built using WordPress

Web technology reviewer W3Techs said that WordPress controls almost 25 percent of all websites. About 50 websites use WordPress.

In other words, WordPress dominates about a third of the web. There are over 1.3 billion active websites, meaning about one website currently uses WordPress. This is a huge amount.

Users Create 80 Million New Posts

Every day, 322 new posts per hour and 620 posts are finish in a single nanosecond! Since posts average 300 words, we’re talking about half a million words written every nanosecond using WordPress.

WordPress Available in 196 Languages

A quick look at the WordPress restatement website shows 196 locales with 40 out of 100 restatements. The number custom wordpress website development services of available locales is 196. We wonder how long it will take for WordPress to be available in almost all languages ​​in fact.

WordPress is utilized by 30% of the internet population

According to and Netcraft, the previously obscure content operating system now dominates more than 35 percent of the web.

As a result of its versatility, custom wordpress web design. WordPress has been supported by a wide range of companies, including Sony Music and Forbes.

There are approximately more than 1.3 billion active wordpress service provider , meaning that approximately one website is currently using WordPress. 

By 2020, this number will increase by almost 6 percent and more than 6-7 percent from 2019. WordPress is currently utilize by 60 million websites.

Over 1.1 Million New Registered WordPress disciplines Every 6 Months

A check from the 2015 global internet CMS operation revealed that WordPress is responsible for 1.1 million new disciplines every 6 months.

Drugs love the ease and almost royal way of building an online presence. WordPress’ wordpress web development services request share has also increased since then, which could be considered well over a million.

There are nowadays 55,000+ Free Plugins

The Plugins Directory currently lists more than 55,000 plugins with a total of 1.5 billion downloads. So for the debate of whether WordPress should not take more active steps to reduce the number of useless or useless plugins in the directory. 

However, you can know if you are experiencing a problem or if you need a solution that has the plugin in place.


WordPress is now over 15 years old. A lot has changed since its inception, but the core functionality behind the platform will always be a point of departure for this tool to encourage user addicts to start their own blogs.

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