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Latest Maria B. Collection for Winter Online | 2022

Maria B. Collection

by rossdosan

Maria B is one of the most profound known names in the Pakistani fashion industry. She has taken great interest in Pakistan’s own culture and delivers great quality collections. Maria B collection give a taste of Pakistan’s culture. People readily wait for her collections to be released. This shows how much Pakistanis love her designs and style. This is why her collections get sold out as soon as they get live. All her collections are available at Raja Sahib. One of the most trusted online e-commerce platforms.

Maria B. Collection | Online and In stores

First things first, where will you find Maria B collections? Well you can find all her collections online on her website and other retail platforms. You can get all Maria B. collections in stores as well. Her stores are located in all the major cities of Pakistan such as Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and many others. This gives her customers a chance to come and check the product in person.

Her collections include ready to wear, unstitched of all types such as formal, casual, party wear, etc. she has taken her brands to new heights by providing her clients the best of the best. This builds trust with the customer and they are ready to buy again from you.

Maria B. Online Collections

All her latest women’s clothes and collections are available online at You will find multiple categories in her online store. Which are Unstitched fabrics, ready to wear, M.basics, kids, couture, wedding wear, jewellery perfumes and lastly sale. All the items which are on sale are available in the ‘sale’ category so that you can easily navigate it. The sale is mostly up to 50% off. Getting discounted articles saves up a lot of your money, so hurry up and hop onto it.

All her unstitched collections are available in the ‘unstitched fabrics’ category. The fabrications include Chiffon, M.Luxe fabrics, velvet, Mbroidered, Silk Net, Lawn, Linen, Silk, MPrints and Sateen. If you click on a specific tag you will find all the collections articles in front of you.

Maria B. Clothing | Pret Collections

If you are looking for ready to wear clothes then the pret category is perfect for you. You can get formal, casual, evening wear and all types of stitched clothes on her website. Another best thing is that you can get your little daughters clothes from Maria B. as well. A perfect time to match clothes with your little one. The clothes for eid, wedding and small family functions are the perfect time to match with your child.

Maria B. Luxury Collection

Maria B. collection are perfect for wearing at weddings. Even brides can get their wedding dresses sorted at Maria B. Additionally, Maria B. offers clothing options for brides. The ideal wearer for her luxurious couture gowns is a bride-to-be. Maria B. solely offers “made to measure” clothing for the wedding attire. This is because it’s crucial that wedding dresses fit the body type of the bride. You can purchase any kind of wedding attire, including walima, mehendi, and barat and in multiple colors.

Maria B. Accessories Online

With clothing collections, Maria B. also sells perfumes and jewellery. Her jewellery line is ethnic with a touch of modern fusion. This is perfect to wear to someone’s wedding but not for the bride as it is artificial jewellery. But if you are having a minimal small wedding function then the bride can surely wear it. The scents of the perfumes are different from each other and feminine in nature.  There are 16 different perfumes in total and the floral citrus smell is also available.

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