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Know Why Your QuickBooks Running Slow and Ways To Fix it For Better Performance

How To Troubleshoot QuickBooks Running Slow Error?

by jamesaultman81

Not just Quickbooks but any application or device as a matter of fact- if it works slow or lags continuously; it will create a lot of problems. Not only will it cause hindrance in productivity but exhaust a lot of resources. And the same happens when the QuickBooks Running Slow. Being such an important and extensively used accounting software, it has multiple users across the world. But when you start facing performance issues in the software, it is a bummer.

Not only does that become annoying but a lot of time is wasted while processing simple steps. This error not only leaves you helpless but also bars a lot of functions and features. So, here are some types of performance issues that fall in this category. How can you combat these problems? And also what can be causing these issues.


What are the common possible reasons for QuickBooks Running Slow issue?

The unexpected behaviour of Quickbooks is not an uncommon behaviour. Rather people have been facing it more than any error. But here are some prominent and top reasons why this might be happening to you.

  • Maybe because your Quickbooks is not up-to-date.
  • Also if your desktop doesn’t match the “minimum requirements” to run Quickbooks smoothly.
  • It also happens when there is a “QBWUSER.INI file” missing.
  • When the hard drive of your device gets corrupted.
  • Also, when the Windows OS gets damaged due to any reason.
  • And also when the installation of Quickbooks Desktop or an update is not installed properly.

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What are the ways to resolve QuickBooks Running Slow issue?

There are certain straightforward and pretty simple ways to fix this issue. So if you are facing “QuickBooks Running Slow error” we suggest you should simply follow the solution step-by-step.

  • Download and install the Quickbooks Install Diagnostic Tool on your device.
  • Then, save it on your local desktop and somewhere you will be able to easily access it.
  • If you have any program opened in your desktop, close it for ensuring the best results.
  • Now run the QBInstall Tool and then reboot the computer. But do that once the tool finishes processing.
  • Doing this correctly will ensure that all the components are updated properly. And that the installations are done in the correct manner. 

However if you are unable to follow or execute these steps, it can be a problem in fixing the issue. And in such cases you will have to take the help from an expert. 



If there is anything in this entire write up that you haven’t followed or failed to understand, you might face problems in fixing the QuickBooks Running Slow issue. And if that’s true with you- we suggest that you should give us a quick call. Our experts will guide you in diagnosing the problem and accessing it in a better way. All you need to do is call on the number on our website and discuss the problem with our experts. 

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