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Jaw-Dropping Braided Hairstyles For Black Women To Try

Braided Hairstyles For Black Women

by jessicacarter

If you have natural black hair, you can never go wrong with braided hairstyles. If you are looking for the popular hairstyles with braids for black women, you will have plenty of options to try. All thanks to the fact that these braided hairstyles are highly proactive and enable women with natural black hair to try different styles.

Also, when you have so many cool and wonderful variations and techniques to style your hair, you may find it a little hard to narrow down the one that looks perfect on you.

No matter what hair type or length you have, here we have covered Some Popular Braids For Black Women. You will find these braid styles very pleasing for everyone. Just have a look at them and try them now.

Cornrow Braids

Whether you have short or long hair, this is one of the winning choices for all women, especially black women. This hairstyle has thin braids and they lie quite closer to the head. You can also try various patterns depending on how you have parted your hair.

Cornrows allow you to experiment with plenty of hair braiding styles. Whatever your aesthetic, these braids ensure to keep your hair healthy, and you will feel the best.

Cornrow braids

Box Braids

This braided hairstyle is highly proactive and low-maintenance and you can try to get the best look. As per the name of this hairstyle, it involves distinct box-shaped parts where each has three-strand braids.

You can choose to wear box braids long and loose or whatever you like the most. Just pull them back into a bun or ponytail. You also have the option to style them as a half-up and half-down look. If you are finding it hard to decide the thickness of each braid, you can take the opinion of an expert.

Box Braids

Triangle Box Braids

Are you looking to get free-flowing locks with a braided hairstyle? If yes, you can see a noticeable difference in this hairstyle.  Here, hair is parted with a slightly tweaked version of box braids. One of the simple changes in this hairstyle is – from box to triangle. This makes a big difference and will give you a classic look.

What makes this braided hairstyle more preferable than others is that it allows you to play around with braid thickness and parts. You can also opt for hair color to give an amazing look to this hairstyle.

You have a number of options to try based on your hair texture. Like, when trying a regular box braid, you can go with styling the plaits in different ways. One thing you should know is that box braids can last for 4-6 weeks if you take care of them properly.

Triangle box braids

Senegalese Twists

If you want to give your hair a healthy and styling look, it is advised to take a break from daily styling and don’t use hot styling tools. You can get stunning Senegalese twists so that you can take care of your hair and promote your hair growth.

You can create Senegalese twists by adding synthetic or human hair to the root of your natural hair. Now, part them into two strands and wrap them to each hair shaft.

You will get sleek-looking twists that you can take to the side, or you can choose to pin them at the back. This look will give you a slightly different texture as compared to classic three-strand braid.

Senegalese twists

Nubian Twists

If we talk about the creation process of Nubian twists, you will find them quite similar to the Senegalese twists. But, the outcome of this hairstyle is pretty different in terms of texture and length.

One of the most visual differences between Nubian twists and the Senegalese twists is the tight coils. Nubian twists can also be created with shorter hairstyles, and you can choose to rest them above the shoulder. If you are looking for a hairstyle that is lightweight, versatile, and quick to create, this look will be the best option for you.

Micro Braids

Among other types of braids for black women, you may find this hairstyle does not look much like a braid at all. As compared to the thickness of cornrows and box braids, this braided hairstyle is created with small sections of your hair. You will get plaits that give a look of a thick strand of hair, instead of interlaced braids.

You need to have a little patience to get this hairstyle done as it cannot be completed in an hour’s session. It requires a whole day to get the final result. Also, it is a little more expensive than other braid types. Your patience for a day can last for 6-8 weeks with proper care.

Fulani Braids

Fulani braids hairstyle is counted in the list of tribal African braid styles that are quite popular among black women. This involves one straight-back braid teamed up with other braids that are created on the sides across the crown of the head. Then, it goes towards the ears or temples. The beauty of this style makes it one of the popular braids hairstyles for black women.

You can go with scalp-hugging cornrows on the top and can choose to have box braids in the back. You can also be more creative by adding curls, extensions, or beads.

Braided Bun

This hairstyle is very much similar to braided ponytail, where the main difference is the bun. You can give a new look to your braids for black women by pulling all your braids into a bun. Another way to get this look is to get the bun using the top half and keep the remaining braids hanging down your back.

The best part about a braided bun is that you will get some rest from hair products and styling. Thus, it will work great in giving your hair the time to grow and refresh. Another benefit is to go well with casual or formal outfits.

Ghana Braids

If you are looking for one of the best easy and simple hairstyle for curly hair, you will surely love these braids. This braid style is a type of cornrow that is created using a little different technique. Here, you will have to feed your extension over the braid.

Also, you will find Ghana braids a little thicker than other braided hairstyles in this list. This makes them a perfect choice for women with thicker curls.

Final Words

You will find several gorgeous braid styles for your natural black hair to choose from. Never pick a style just because it is on trend. The best trick is to know the specific features of your hair and how it will look on you.

If you want to keep your hair protected from daily styling for some days, taking the help of a braiding stylist would be the best decision. Just choose the one from the list and get the best look.

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