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IVF Treatment in Pakistan

by elena

IVF Treatment in Pakistan

In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) is a set of complex procedures that are used to assist couples facing fertility issues and prevent medical problems that act as a barrier in conception.

In IVF, mature eggs are retrieved from female’s uterus and put together with sperm in petri dishes for the purpose of fertilisation. Once the eggs develop into embryos, healthiest one is selected to be implanted in the uterus in order to achieve pregnancy. Usually, it takes three to four weeks for one cycle of Best IVF Center in Multan to complete. Sometimes, it can take more than the mentioned time depending upon the situation of the case at hand.

Procedure of IVF

The standard IVF treatment in Pakistan is same however, what happens during IVF may vary from clinic to clinic. The main procedure consists of the following stages:

  1. Ovaries are stimulated with hormones i.e., FSH, in order to produce more eggs than usual.
  2. When the eggs are ready to be collected, they are retrieved from the uterus. Meanwhile, sperm is also retrieved from the male partner.
  3. The collected sperm and eggs are placed together in petri dishes for fertilisation. The sperm usually fertilise the eggs overnight.
  4. The fertilised eggs are incubated and monitored. During this time, the embryologist monitors and marks the healthiest eggs which are to implanted for pregnancy.
  5. The uterus lining is prepared for carrying pregnancy. Afterwards, embryo is implanted back to the uterus in order to achieve pregnancy.

Australian Concept Infertility Medical Centre is offering IVF treatment in Pakistan for over 2 decades now, with highest success rate in the country.

IVF Centres in Pakistan

Today there are a large number of IVF centres available in Pakistan offering various treatments however, there success is very low when compared to leading IVF centres in Pakistan. Australian Concept Infertility Medical Centre was established in 1998, when there were hardly three other infertility clinics in Pakistan.

It is the best IVF centre in Pakistan offering a range of fertility treatments and tests along with international quality services. We believe in transparency and evidence based treatments. We are striving to make infertility treatments accessible for everyone.

IVF Centre in Multan

Australian Concept Infertility Medical Centre has branches all over Pakistan including Multan. We have brought international standard and highly advanced technologies from all over the world to Multan with the aim of making infertility treatments accessible and cost effective for everyone. It is the best IVF centre in Pakistan due to its consistent success rate, competitive cost and quality treatment.

We deal with each of our patients with utmost care and empathy. While, egg pickup and fertilisation seems like less complicated procedures, the success of an. IVF treatment lies in finding the root cause of infertility and treating it. We provide the most appropriate treatment plan as per the condition of our worthy patients. For some we are the first while for some we are the last hope, hence we try our best to fulfil the expectations of infertile couples.

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