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Is Drinking Soft Water Bad for Your Health?

by Aslam Ali

Water is the source of sustenance for all life on this planet. Humans require water on a daily basis to carry out their various body processes. The human body alone comprises 70% water. In today’s world, we have incorporated various methods to help ourselves generate clean and healthy drinking water. Water purifiers are the most common solution to get access to pure drinking water in every household. In this article, let us learn whether soft water is good or bad for your health.

Before we get into whether soft water is good or bad for your health, let us understand the difference between hard water and soft water. 

Difference Between Hard Water and Soft Water

The hardness of the water depends on the level of presence of certain elements such as calcium and magnesium. The hardness of water increases if the amount of calcium or magnesium is more. The only way to turn hard water into soft water is to reduce the concentration of such elements in the water. Using a water softener is the best way to reduce water hardness. 
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There are many ways to differentiate hard water from soft water. When hard water is used with soap, it takes a longer time to form a lather. It can also be difficult to wash the soapy feel off your hands. On the other hand, soft water provides an easier lather, and is also easier to wash utensils using soft water. Hard water can also cause damage to vessels and clothes compared to soft water.

Effects of Hard Water or Soft Water on Your Health

Now let us see how hard and soft water can affect your health. 

Hard Water:

Although hard water does not cause any real harm to the body, it can cause your hair and skin to appear drier. It can also cause your scalp to itch more. Hard water also tends to change the pH level of your skin. People with sensitive skin can also face problems due to hard water. Apart from these issues, there are no other adverse health effects.

Soft Water:

When compared to hard water, soft water does not have any effect on the skin or hair. But soft water does contain high levels of sodium, so people with certain health conditions may need to be wary. However, when soft water is used with an RO water purifier or RO+UV water purifier, you can get the safest water for drinking purposes. When it comes to skin and hair health, soft water is the best. 

It is important to research the best water softener and best water purifier in India. Look for those that come with an ion exchange mechanism that helps in converting hard and soft water.

To summarise, in general, soft water is ideal for consumption when used with an RO purifier and is much more useful than hard water. If you get hard water at home, get a water softener installed to get rid of all your hard water-related woes.

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