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iPhone Repair in Mumbai: Common Problems which Every User Faces with iPhone

by Rapid Repair

We choose the iPhone because it’s so easy to use — you basically just need to turn it on, and you’re usually good to go.

But it doesn’t mean you won’t occasionally run into problems with it. Although most of the time they won’t be anything major, you might run into certain issues that you are unsure how to resolve. You’re not by yourself, which is wonderful news. It’s probable that many other iPhone owners have had similar issues and have already discovered solutions.

You can attempt to resolve a minor issue with your iPhone by yourself, at least in the beginning.  For other major problems, you can take your iPhone to an authorized iPhone repair in Mumbai.

Common Problems with all iPhone Users

When updating to updated iOS, transferring data between old and new iPhones, jailbreaking, or launching any new software on their device, iPhone users face a number of issues. The causes of iPhone issues might range from hardware/software issues to bugs in iOS that simply need to be fixed.

Here, we’ve listed the top iPhone problems along with solutions for you.

  1. Screen of death

White Screen of Death on the iPhone can be caused by a failed upgrade, jailbreak, or hardware issue. You can restart the system. Hard reset (factory reset) your iPhone if it doesn’t work to fix the problem. Boot your iPhone in DFU (Device Firmware Upgrade) mode if a hard reset hasn’t helped.

But keep in mind that both a hard reset and a boot in DFU mode will erase all of your iPhone’s settings and data. If your iPhone is stuck on the white screen and you don’t have an iTunes or iCloud backup, you should first recover all of your data. Next, use DFU mode or a hard reset to fix the white iPhone screen.

  1. Water damage

iPhones with water damage might or might not switch on. You run a high risk of losing your iPhone’s data as well. Even Apple’s one-year warranty excludes coverage for liquid damage.

After wiping it down using a towel, take out the SIM card. Don’t plug it in or power it up. For around two days, you can also let it dry with silica gel sachets.

Unfortunately, putting water or any other liquid in your iPhone may cause data loss. Don’t panic. From an iCloud or iTunes backup, you can retrieve your deleted contacts, images, movies, audio, and more. If your iPhone still has some problems after trying all these, then take it to the nearest authorized iPhone repair in Mumbai to resolve all your problems.

  1. Battery life

One of the most frequent issues faced by iPhone owners worldwide is their phone’s battery life depleting quickly. Problems with battery life are typically experienced following an iOS upgrade.

You can improve the performance of the iPhone battery by doing a factory reset and limiting your use of apps that consume high battery such as Uber, YouTube, Google Maps, and others. Accessing websites like Facebook and YouTube using Safari rather than installing the applications might also help your iPhone’s battery life significantly.

  1. Overheating

Have you ever received messages telling you that your iPhone has to cool down before use? There have long been reports of iPhones getting so heated they could explode. Take the hot iPhone to a cooler location away from heat or direct sunshine to start cooling it down.

Remove the iPhone case, take a break from using it, or better yet, turn it off for a short while. To solve the problem of your iPhone overheating, you can also attempt the “Reset All Settings” option. Sometimes, updating to a new version of iOS fixes the problem.

  1. Black screen

Dropping your iPhone, spilling water on it, updating an app, malware, bad firmware, jailbreak, etc., could be the cause of iPhone black screen. In order to resolve the problem, start by fully charging your iPhone. This will rule out any possible battery problems.

If the issue persists, you can use iTunes to reset your iPhone to its factory default settings, but this also erases all of your iPhone’s data. Consider Data Recovery for iPhone to restore your deleted contacts, messages, music, movies, photographs, and more from the device if you don’t have a backup.

  1. Stuck on Apple Logo

Your iPhone may become stuck on the Apple logo for a number of reasons, including a jailbroken iPhone, an unsuccessful iOS update, data recovery from a backup, hardware issues, the loss of some iOS files, etc.

Restarting the iPhone, doing a hard reset, or entering Recovery Mode can all help you solve the problem. Keep in mind that a hard reset erases all of your iPhone’s data. You can recover deleted data from the backup, or you can use an iPhone data recovery program.

  1. Charging problems

The battery of an iPhone not charging when plugged in is yet another typical issue. There are a few ways to deal with this problem. Clean the charging port to get rid of any dust or dirt.

The connection cable should be tested to see if it functions properly with other Apple devices or other USB cables in the USB plug, etc. if the problem is still present. If it doesn’t work, attempt a factory reset or try to force the device to restart. Get in touch with the closest service provider if the problem continues.


The above are some of the typical iPhone issues and fixes that have been documented up until this point. If you have encountered any problems similar to those listed above, attempt to resolve them right away. However, if you are unsure about your ability to tackle the problem, never do it on your own. Your phone could suffer permanent damage.

When it comes to iPhone repair in Mumbai or other repair services, only go with the best service provider, who guarantees speedy response times, exceptional door-step delivery, and a standby device.

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