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Internship Programs In Spain

by arslanmuzaffar.dmt

The coronavirus has contributed to our plans to send you to Spain for training this summer. Unfortunately, given the circumstances, preparing documents and entering Spain in June (the month in which training begins) will be difficult, if not impossible.

However, we will contact you as soon as the first good news about the training comes out.

In the meantime, we recommend that you carefully read the mandatory requirements for a successful summer internship at Spanish companies and hotels in Spain.

  • Must be an undergraduate or recent graduate (graduated within the last two years).
  • The subject of the company’s training placement/work is related to the skill studied at the university in the home country.
  • It is best, but not necessary, for your university to sign a framework agreement stating that it will accept summer internships in Spain.
  • The minimum duration of training is 2.5 to 3 months.
  • Above-average knowledge of English and at least basic knowledge of Spanish.
  • From writing your CV and first Skype interview with a potential employer to gathering all the necessary documents to obtain a Spanish visa, you must approach it responsibly.
  • You must come to Spain with a visa obtained from the company in which you were accepted for training.

Below we have provided a list of exercises currently available. You will find that most of these receptions are hotel internships, artist internships, and restaurant and cafeteria internships. For these jobs, it is enough to know English, as well as study specialization in tourism, hospitality, catering, cooking, and other related fields.

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Internships are also available in Spanish companies in fields such as marketing, public relations, information technology, construction, etc. But for this exercise, you must demonstrate knowledge of the Spanish language at the B2 level during the interview. Therefore, we recommend that you do not waste time and enroll in Spanish language courses in your city. If you are interested in online courses, give us a call and we will put you in touch with a good teacher.

Think about your training plan. Because preparation can take six months.

Our Company Will Take Care Of The Following:

  • The process of arranging interviews with companies that match your profile,
  •  We will translate the necessary documents into Spanish,
  • We will assist you in submitting visa documents.
  • Finding cheap accommodation in Spain
  • We will contact you to resolve any issues that may arise regarding your training.


  • Some companies pay interns.
  • Some companies provide food and/or accommodation. It all depends on the particular company from which you receive the internship offer.

Price of our company’s package of services (selection of an internship in Spain + assistance in obtaining a visa): 1,200 euros. Payment in installments.

Please note that the 500 euros will be returned to you once your employer has confirmed your arrival in Spain. We will also refund the €500 security deposit if the visa is refused.

To enroll in an internship program in Spain, you must complete the form and make an initial payment of €200.

If you want a detailed initial consultation via phone/Skype about choosing an internship/resettlement in Spain, this service costs 100 euros.

Courses Currently Available:

  • Menorca Island. Internships at a bar and restaurant. I pay 300-450 euros per month. Accommodation is provided.
  • Villanova e La Jethro (Barcelona). Internships at a bar and restaurant. Pay 500 euros per month. Accommodation and food are provided.
  • Villanova e La Jethro (Barcelona). Training as an animator. Pay 500 euros per month. Accommodation and food are provided.
  • Villanova e La Jethro (Barcelona). Receptionist job. Pay 500 euros per month. Accommodation and food are provided.
  • On the island of Mallorca. has 4 and 5-star hotels. Animation workshop. Pay €300 + food and accommodation.
  • Málaga Trained in a restaurant as an Assistant Customer Service Specialist. I pay 650 euros. Accommodation and food are not provided.
  • Málaga Training in an Italian restaurant as a kitchen assistant.
  • Málaga Training in a 4-star hotel at the front desk. I pay 300 euros. Food and accommodation (2-3 persons in a same-sex room) are provided.
  • Lanzarote Island (Canary Islands). Trained in 4 Star Hotel as Public Relations Manager. B2 Spanish language! I pay 300 euros. Food and accommodation are provided.

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