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Impactful Luxurious Packaging through the Rigid Boxes

by aryarowan

Do you want to provide luxury packaging for your high-end products? Rigid boxes are ideal for luxury branding and packaging. Make sure your customers are looking forward to not only receiving but also unboxing their packages. The ideal choice for a luxurious look and feel to your packing. These paper-based boxes give your products solidity, protection, and a premium impression. Rigid boxes are the ideal option for packaging electronics, jewels, and even hefty objects.

Gift boxes and rigid setup boxes are other names for custom rigid boxes. These boxes are made of thick, sturdy cardboard materials that give the finest protection for the items. They can, however, be made foldable to make them easier to transport and store. The rigid boxes with a beautiful appearance are also excellent for brand marketing.

Different Packaging Styles for the Rigid Boxes

The custom rigid boxes are available in different shapes and styles that are best to provide an attractive outlook. You can easily choose the best one according to your products to attract more customers.


Rigid tube boxes are useful for people who want their items to stand out in the market with a unique packaging style. These boxes are also paper packaging alternatives that are environmentally friendly. Rigid tube packaging consists of a cylindrical rigid box with no corners and a telescoping or shoulder-neck opening. The best example of rigid tube boxes is Pringles cans.

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Magnetic Closure 

The magnetic closure  are an essential and beneficial addition to the  styles. Two magnets in the magnetic closing lock together to firmly seal the box shut. Customers will loathed to toss these boxes away due to their sturdy and strong structure, making them a long-term solution. Rigid boxes can also used as storage containers for jewelry, makeup, and other similar items. These custom are also beneficial for a high-end feel and they also provide a unique unboxing experience.


The telescopic rigid boxes are also a beneficial way to present your products. Topload, 2-piece , or lid and tray  packaging with the lid coming off the base vertically all terms used to describe telescopically or telescope. The customized boxes opened is similar to that of a Monopoly game box or an iPhone box, however the two look and feel very different. Higher-end telescope boxes constructed to rigorous specifications to allow for friction and a gradual opening speed, allowing the base to slide out from beneath the top. These boxes extremely robust and durable, ensuring that the products are well protected.

Attractive Finishing to Rigid Boxes

The rigid box finishing can done by using two different types.

Partial Finish 

A rigid package type with just half-finished wrapping and chipboard known as partial finish. The covering just covers the box’s exterior, leaving the chipboard interior exposed and unfinished. Partially finished boxes produced from a single piece of chipboard with perforated crease lines for folding and wrapped without an additional external layer to display the kraft or grey plywood beneath.

Full Finish 

With a full finish, no chipboard  exposed because the rigid box wrapped. Chipboard with a thickness of roughly 2-3 mm  also used. The inside chipboard divided into sections for each side of the box, and it can  laminated with a variety of finishing options based on the requirements. Full-finish , which might white or printed, receive a second layer of wrapping.


The rigid boxes are the best way to present your products in a luxurious outlook. These boxes are beneficial to provide an alluring outlook. The thick and strong nature of these boxes is beneficial for the optimal protection of the products. More ever, you can also customize these boxes in multiple ways.

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