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If you want to increase height then try Tadasana

by arti kanwar

Tadasana as it is known by its name is like a palm tree, Tadasana is such a position when your body stands straight like a palm tree, we tell you about the correct method of doing it and its benefits.

This asana is an action of yoga itself. Tadasana as it is known by its name is like a palm tree. This asana is a position in which your body stands straight like a palm tree. This position is called Tadasana in yoga. But the question arises why should we do Tadasana? What are the benefits of this asana, who can do this asana, and for whom it is more beneficial, and how many types of yoga are there? To know the answers to all these questions, one needs to know more about this asana. So let’s know what is Tadasana.

What is Tadasana?

Tadasana is the asana that is done while standing and in such a situation the position of the person is just like that of a palm tree. During Tadasana, both the heels and toes are in the AK position in a short interval and both hands are upwards in line with the waist. During Tadasana, when both the hands go upwards, then both the heels also rise upwards and the entire weight of the body comes on the toes.
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Method of doing Tadasana:

Join the palms by taking the hands up and the palms should be towards the sky. In such a situation, the fingers of both hands should also be joined together. During Tadasana, the waist is straight and the eyes are also towards the front and the neck is straight. And the whole weight of the body comes on the toes and the strength of the complete body is used to pull the body to one side. Whenever doing Tadasana, keep in mind that the space around you is open, if you want, you can do this asana comfortably even in the park. In the position of Tadasana, one should stop for at least 1 to 2 minutes by taking a long breath and slowly coming back to the normal position. Then after stopping for a few seconds, the same process should be repeated again.

Precautions during this asana:

A lot of care has to be taken during this asana. Along with body balance, you also have to keep in mind that if your hands are going upwards slowly, then your heels will also rise upwards at the same speed. While lifting the arms and legs, your stomach should go inwards so that your balance is made well. Before doing this asana, you should consult your doctor or yoga expert because if you have any problem with your feet, then you should avoid doing Tadasana.

Benefits of this asana:

There are many benefits of this asana, Tadasana is a very beneficial asana for children whose height is less. And if there is a lot of pain in your feet or toes, then you should do this asana, this will strengthen your feet and there will be no pain in the toes. If your digestive system is weak or you have stomach problems, then you should do this asana, it will keep you healthy.

This asana makes you strong and fit.

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