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How Your Sexual Problems Can Harm Your Relationship?

by menswellnessclinic

Sexual problems can be a buzzkill for any relationship. Sexual problems may come in different forms and degrees, and lack of physical intimacy can doom any relationship. The most common sexual problems are erectile disorder, low sex drive, premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation, and inability to orgasm. Anything that keeps you from enjoying sex life to the fullest is your sexual problem. 

Ed problems could happen due to underlying chronic disorders, obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, or even mental illnesses like depression. The inability to have an erection or a weaker erection can make a relationship suffer, and it takes a toll on man’s health and elevates stress levels. Ultimately it becomes a vicious circle, and a man feels trapped. In the same way, premature ejaculation can hamper the pleasure of sexual intercourse. It could also happen due to various health conditions, hormonal imbalance, or a hypersensitive penis.
All sexual dysfunctions need to be addressed well on time. A sexologist will have a solution for most sexual dysfunctions, and you need to know most cases are treatable. Book a consultation with the best sexologists at Dr. Arora’s Men’s Wellness Clinic to find the most suitable treatment.

Sexual problems and Relationships 

Sexual problems can affect every relationship, irrespective of the time spent and the bond you have. Most of them are not in your control but not addressing them on time will deteriorate the situation. 

When a man starts avoiding sex for any reason, it can instigate doubt in a woman’s mind. Your partner may start blaming herself and try different things to get your attention. With time when the problem becomes evident, she may despise you for not coming out before.

Along with that, the relationship is bound to suffer. Lack of physical intimacy will increase the gap, and you may start feeling distant. Physical intimacy is an essential part of any healthy relationship and its absence will affect your relationship today or tomorrow. Not being sexually intimate will create a communication gap between the partners.

It is possible for any partner to feel emotionally unstable and seek validation and support in some other form. Emotional stability and physical intimacy go hand in hand in any relationship. The lack of one is guaranteed to affect the other. Low sex drive can happen to a man or a woman. Neglecting the needs of your partner over time will sway them away. It is essential to understand the root cause and talk to your partner. Serving your partner’s needs and wishes is also an important part of a relationship. 

When a sexual problem like erectile disorder or premature ejaculation becomes evident, your partner is equally affected. Neglecting the issue at hand will only raise conflicts and increase the communication gap. 

What can you do to save your relationship?

First things first, be honest with your partner. Most relationships die due to a lack of honesty and open communication. You should talk to your partner when you feel there is a sexual problem that you might be facing. You will know you have an ed problem or any other sexual dysfunction if it shows up in the routine. While having a miss is acceptable, if it does not go with time, you should talk to your partner. 

Erectile disorder, premature ejaculation, and other sexual dysfunctions can take pleasure away and turn sexual contact into a chore. It should be your responsibility to take things into your hands and negate the situation.

Communicate openly with your partner. Tell them the problem you are facing, and its nothing to do with them. Explain how you feel, the symptoms, and how it affects you. Also, express willingness to put all your efforts into solving the problem. Most partners understand the situation and will stand by your side.

Talk to a sexologist to understand the situation and get the right treatment. Most conditions are treatable, and you only need an expert opinion to turn the tables. A doctor can advise pills, hormones, therapies, and surgery if needed. A doctor will advise certain lifestyle changes and exercises to improve your relationship. Every effort that you put toward getting better will take you closer to your goal.

Try to bring the spark back into your relationship. Be honest with your partner and spend some quality time. Go on a vacation to take your mind off the existing condition and have a good time. A break might be all that you need to get back to your old self.

Bottom Line

Erectile disorder, amongst other sexual dysfunctions, might affect your relationship. Work on yourself and take a sexologist’s advice to find a solution. Ed problem and other sexual problems can be rectified with the help of a sexologist. Don’t give up and fight for what you deserve.

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