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How your MailChimp Salesforce Integration can be a successful one

by 360degreecloud

It doesn’t matter how many new ways of marketing can keep coming up; none can suppress the power of email marketing. And to make that even easier, companies have started using MailChimp, the easy-to-use email marketing platform, to boost email returns. And what’s better than this is to conduct MailChimp Salesforce integration to achieve the benefits of both platforms in a single view. 

The integration allows you to access salesforce MailChimp and its templates from within Salesforce, thus saving your marketing team time switching between systems to track and create email campaigns. The integration is quite enticing, but you must achieve a successful integration to make the most of these platforms.  

Considerations for successful MailChimp Salesforce Integration

To ensure that you achieve a successful salesforce integration of both platforms, there are some considerations that you must take notice of. We’ll have listed a few points that you can follow to ensure a successful integration process.

1. Focus on lead management

After you have analyzed the quality of leads you want to focus on, you need to construct a lead management process within Salesforce that you will follow. In this context, you’ll verify which of your leads are New, Open, Qualified, Unqualified, etc. 

This is important as if you have inaccurate lead status, it might lead to wrong marketing campaigns sent to the wrong leads. So, be careful about it. 

2. Set an impressive email marketing strategy

It can be difficult, but an excellent email marketing strategy will help you get the best returns. You must focus on the content you send to different customer segments. You must understand how you’ll be marketing to these different segments through lead nurturing or monthly newsletters. 

The main goal here is to identify your customer segments and send them something they want to see.  

3. Ensure compatibility between MailChimp and Salesforce Edition

You must know that not every Salesforce edition can be integrated with third-party applications like MailChimp. So, you must first verify the minimum requirement before starting your Salesforce MailChimp integration plan. Consider talking about it with experienced Salesforce consultants who can guide you well. 

4. Align your marketing and sales resources

To conduct the salesforce integration, you need to make sure that your sales and marketing tools are in sync with each other. Both the marketing and sales teams must contact and collaborate to plan the strategy the right way. It will be helpful because if there’s any change in lead information at one end, the other team will be notified about it.

Conduct Salesforce Integrations with an Expert Team

It doesn’t matter if the integrations are easy or complex, like 360 degree cloud Salesforce to Salesforce integration; you need to have an expert team of Salesforce professionals to handle it. Even the most difficult integrations can be safely conducted without harming your data when you have a trusted team onboard. 

Give our Salesforce consultants at 360 Degree Cloud a call and witness how smoothly we can integrate your third-party applications with your Salesforce org. 

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