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How To Write Amazon Product Descriptions

by profitparrot

There are millions of products on Amazon. It’s estimated that the number is roughly 350 million products, which means that standing out can be challenging. But challenging doesn’t mean impossible. While there are many things you can do to get your product noticed, the basics start with how you describe what you’re selling. An Amazon product description needs to be written the right way, and that’s why we want to help you achieve that! We’ll show you how to write Amazon product descriptions that sell the product itself. Let’s get started.


It all starts with keywords. Your chosen keywords must reflect the product, function, and your customer’s interests. Make a list of 10 – 15 trending items, all within relevant categories to your product. Then start exploring ‘most wished for’ or ‘most gifted’ lists to find similar products to your own. Look at how they’ve approached the keywords.

Additionally, try long-tail keywords, and update your lists of keywords regularly to stay relevant.

Buyer Persona Approach

Approaching an Amazon product description in ‘buyer persona’ means targeting the right people while providing relevant information, keywords, etc. To achieve a writing buyer persona, you want to get into the mindset of the customer you’re trying to sell to. What would that person want to hear when shopping for this specific product?

Focus On Benefits, Not Features

The features need to be mentioned by selling the product on its benefits first and leaving the features as a footnote. Features should be considered optional reading for consumers. Instead, make users realize how easy your product is to use, why it makes life better, and answer the question ‘how will this benefit me?’

Keep It Brief & To The Point

Don’t rattle on for several paragraphs about the product. Nobody will read your essay on a product, no matter what it is. The attention span of most people is far less than it used to be. As a result, you’ve got to say more in fewer words. This is selling as you’ve never sold before! So focus on the product’s benefits and key features, and find a way to present this in the most palatable way possible.

Make Sure The Title Isn’t Too Long

Titles should be about 200 characters (including spaces). Try to get some key information in the title as well as necessary keywords. You want it to come up in search results and perhaps have an interesting aspect to the title, like a unique feature or something similar.

Bullet Points Are Your Friend

The absolute best way to explain the features of a product is through the use of bullet points. This is such a simplistic method that absolutely works wonders. With bullet points, it’s all laid out, and you’re going point by point explaining what the product is made of, what it does, special features, technical details, etc. It makes it easier to see and understand all this information.


Amazon product descriptions can be tricky to write, so leaving it to the professional Amazon marketing consultants or an Amazon marketing agency, is best. They’re well aware of what they’re doing, and they do it well.

UpCounting is an Amazon marketing agency ready to take your store to the next level. So get in touch today, and let’s start bringing your products to life on the world’s biggest online marketplace.

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