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How to update my Quicken Accounting Software

How to update Quicken?

by Shubham Roy

Quicken software:

Quicken software is a personal finance management accounting software. Which is developed by Intuit Inc. quicken is simple and easy software to use. Quicken is able to run on Windows and Macintosh on both operating systems without any difficulty. Quicken is only available in the USA and Canada for purchase and use. This software will help you to manage your daily finance accounting work report in a simple and easy way. quicken software is release its new features regularly so it is necessary to update Quicken as per needed. This software provides 3 versions of Quicken Starter, Deluxe, and medium. Quicken organization provides new updates of quicken software at several intervals times.

In this article, we will discuss how to update Quicken software. But if you also want to know how to move quicken from one computer to another computer then you can visit this article by clicking on this link “Move quicken”.  Read also Activate your Viewmypaycheck In Quickbooks” With the help of that link.

How to update Quicken?

Sometimes Quicken users don’t understand the difference between the update & upgrade. Upgrading means downloading a new version of software like Upgrading the software version from 2017 to 2018. Users may not be aware of how to update Quicken. Quicken update means installing the new release & mark for the current software.

Quicken Updation steps For Windows

  1. Open Quicken software
  2. Go to the Help option and check for updates
  3. If any software Updation is available, a Small helping window will pop out to install it.
  4. Click on Yes to install the latest update.
  5. Once the update is completed you’ll be back to the same screen where you left.
  6. You can install the latest update while updating your accounts. (If, an update is available)
  7. If no updates are available, then a small window will pop out and inform you you’re already using an updated version of the software. There aren’t any new updates, a window will appear and say you’re already up-to-date.

Quicken Updation steps For Macintosh

If you bought quicken software from an app save, right here are some modifications available with quicken for mac 2015 and after versions. You’ll want to apply the quicken utility to get cutting-edge updates.

Steps to Update Quicken 

  1. Download the Quicken utility from
  2. Open the downloaded file and move toward the application folder
  3. Double-click on the Application folder.
  4. A new window will open to confirm from you downloaded the Quicken Utility because you downloaded it from the Internet
  5. Quicken Utility screen will open which will find the current version of Quicken on your computer with an option of           Check for updates
  6. The software update window will show you the latest version of Quicken that is available
  7. Click on Install Update.
  8. When a new update is installed. Click on Install & Relaunch button
  9. Then you see a screen where it’ll ask for a Mac username & password. It is necessary to put the Mac computer credentials & then click OK.
  10. Now a new update of the software is ready to go. Everything will be there after installing the latest update from the app store.

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